Remote Control Your Bathroom Heater
With Your Smartphone

With the revolutionary German Pool Smart Control App, you can control all the functions of the WiFi Smart Mirror Bathroom Heater with your smartphone anywhere, anytime, including turning it on/off, setting timer, selecting modes, adjusting temperature, etc.

Download German Pool Smart Control App now to enjoy IoT smart home convenience!

Full Control at Hand

Control all functions anytime anywhere, no need to fish for the remote control.

Turn On Anytime

Turn on the heater to warm up the bathroom ahead of time so you won’t be cold when you shower.

Turn Off Anywhere

No more worrying about forgetting to turn off the heater. Now you can turn it off even when not at home.

Set Temperature

Simply slide the dial on your smartphone screen to select your preferred temperature.

3 Mode Selections

High Mode

High power output warms the whole bathroom instantly, perfect for pre-warming the bathroom in winter

Low Mode

Low wind speed eco-friendly mode maintains bathroom warmth while optimizing energy use, perfect for use in spring and autumn

Silent Mode

Motor automatically runs at the lowest speed, providing you with the quietest environment to enjoy most comfortable and peaceful sleep

Innovative Mirror Design

Doubles As a Vanity Mirror

All new WiFi Smart Mirror Bathroom Heater utilizes an innovative mirror design, letting your heater double as a vanity mirror, perfect for substituting your bathroom mirror. You can also hang it in your foyer or bedroom to warm up the house while also making the room look bigger and brighter.

High Concentration Anions

Purifies Airborne Pollutants

Advanced anion technology generates negative ions to bond with contaminated particles in the air and weighs them down, effectively diluting pollutant concentration and neutralizing odors to improve your indoor air quality.

Smart Sensor &
Temperature Control

Eco-Friendly & Saves Energy

When motion sensor is activated and detects the bathroom is empty for more than 15 minutes, it will automatically turn off to save electricity; also, intelligent heat sensor detects ambient temperature and automatically turns heating on/off to keep room at a constant comfortable temperature.

Blow Dry Towels

To Inhibit Microbial Growth

WiFi Smart Mirror Bathroom Heater has a rail for hanging towels or small garments, allowing warm wind to quickly dry them and prevent the growth of bacteria while inhibiting molds and odors.

Professional Protection Grade

IP24 Water Resistant Rating

Ensures that the heater is safe from splashes so that high humidity of a bathroom filled with vapor will not hinder the heater’s operation. Also built-in with auto overheat protection to ensure user safety.

Thoughtful Design

Remote Control for Ease of Use

Comes with full function remote control that gives you complete control of the heater from anywhere in the room.

LED Displays Real-Time Temperature

LED monitor displays real-time room temperature. The minimalistic touchscreen panel is stylish and simple to use.

Auto Run Preset Weekly Schedule

You can select from 5 preset programs according to your living habits. The heater will automatically run at scheduled times.

Child Lock Function

Press and hold “Increase” and “Decrease“ Keys for 3 seconds to activate child lock. All keys will become inoperable, preventing accidental changes.

Air Cleaning Filter

Effectively captures dusts and filtrates impurities and pollutants, keeping the heater clean and extending product life.

PTC Ceramic Heating Element

2,000 W heats fast, and breeze is soft and non-drying; PTC is also more durable than ordinary metal heating elements.

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Why is Mirror Bathroom Heater not warm enough?
It is recommended to first turn on the Mirror Bathroom Heater for 10-15 minutes before using the bathroom.
Is the Mirror Bathroom Heater capable of sanitising towels or small garments?
The Mirror Bathroom Heater can blow dry towels rapidly, preventing the growth of mildew and bacteria.
Is there anything I should pay attention before installing Mirror Bathroom Heater?
Mirror Bathroom Heater should not be installed near curtains or other flammable materials, to avoid any risk of fire. Make sure that the switch should not be installed in an area directly accessible from the bathtub or shower.
What bathroom condition(s) is/are required for installing the Mirror Bathroom Heater?
The compact design of Mirror Bathroom Heater makes it suitable for most bathroom types. It can be installed onto walls.
What is IP24 rating?
IP24 means protection against objects with diameter larger than 12.5 mm and water spray from any direction.
What is the maximum time the heater can operate?
It is safe to operate for a long period of time. However, do not leave it unattended.
What is the best way to clean and maintain the heater?
Wipe the surface with a soft cloth.
Can this heater run standalone, without a power connection?
No. You need a power supply from an outlet.