UVC Light

Effectively Eliminates 99.9%* Bacteria

Effectively Eliminates 99.9%* Bacteria

Strong UVC quickly and efficiently destroys microorganism’s DNA structure, killing 99.9% of bacteria* to ensure air blown out is clean and germ-free. UVC disinfection can be activated with one simple tap on the Remote Control or Control Panel.

*Test report on sterilisation: GZF20-A24951-02 (SGS)

Certified for Maximum Safety

Sterilization Done Right with UVC

Sterilization Done Right with UVC

Passing rigorous microbial germicidal tests by SGS, an international testing centre, the Portable UVC Bathroom Heater is certified to effectively eliminate up to 99.9%* of common bacteria and viruses, including E-Coli. and S. Aureus, by means of germicidal UVC rays.

* Test report: GZF20-A24951-02 (SGS)


Mount on the wall for a warm shower, and detach to heat your other rooms at any time.

Other Uses: Use With Hooks or Place On Table

Other Uses: Use With Hooks or Place On Table


The hook allows easy mounting on towel rails, making the heater easy to install and dismantle.


Mount on the wall for a warm shower, and detach to heat your other rooms at any time.


Alternatively, place on your table, the ground, or any flat surface.

*To qualify for IP23 Protection Rating, the product must be vertically installed on wall

While seasons do come and go, the Portable Bathroom Heater keeps your bathroom always comfortable. Wave goodbye to chilly winter showers or crazily sweaty ones in summer!

High Heat Mode

The PTC ceramic element warms up the bathroom blazing fast so babies and the elderly no longer get cold before or after showers.

Low Heat Mode

An eco-friendly mode that still warms your bathroom with less power draw in spring and autumn evenings.

Cool Fan Mode

In addition to “High Heat Mode” and “Low Heat Mode”, the product also comes with “Cool Air Mode”.

Blow-dry Towels

To Inhibit Microbial Growth

Snap on the aluminium rail in box, and hang your towel or small garment for heated drying. Dryer fabrics make it harder for germs and moulds to grow and for odours to develop.

Keep the Entire House Warm

Keep the Entire House Warm

The Portable Bathroom Heater keeps your loved ones warm and sniffle-free. Preheat the bathroom, then move the heater to the living room, bedroom or study to keep everyone warm and cosy under the same roof.


Preheat the bathroom and towels before shower time for a chill-free shower.

Living Room

Install in the living room to keep you warm throughout the day.

Baby & Kids Room

Install in the baby room so your baby won’t get cold if they kicked off the blanket.


Install in the office or conference room to keep warm and improve air circulation in the workplace.

*To qualify for IP23 Protection Rating, the product must be vertically installed on wall

Safety Mechanisms

IP23 dust & water resistance* ensures that the Portable Bathroom Heater is safe from water droplets and splashes. There are also built-in overheat protection as well as heat-resistant and fire-retardant material to ensure a peace of mind for the family.

* Only applicable when vertically installed on wall

Thoughtful Designs

Remote Control

Comes with full function remote control for ease of use.

1-8 hr Timer

1-8 hr timer function allows you to set Heater to turn on or off at a designated time.

PTC Ceramic Heating Element

Breeze is warm and comfortable without being dry; and more durable than ordinary metal heating elements.

High Quality Fire Retardant Material

Made with high quality heat resistant and fire retardant materials, the heater is warm without being hot to the touch, safeguarding against accidental scorching.

Dustproof Filter

Effectively filters out dust and keeps indoor air fresh. Easy to clean and no need for replacement.

Movable Design

The movable design makes the bathroom heater suitable to be used anywhere in your home.

Built-In Cooling Fan

The cooling fan will operate as long as the PTC heating element is activated, ensuring the heater’s durability.

Super Quiet

At only 52dB, the Portable Bathroom Heater is perfect for bedtime use.


Metal Rail

Convenient for hanging towels and small clothing

Remote Control

Full-function wireless control for extra portability

Hooking Device

Easy mounting on towel rails

Wall Mounting Device

Quick and stable mounting on walls or other surfaces

Portable UVC Bathroom Heater



Functions & Features

WiFi Connection



More Details


Why does the heater go on and off?
When the appliance is tilted, the switch will pop out and cut off electricity connection for safety.
What is IP23 rating?
IP23 means protection against objects with diameter larger than 12.5 mm and spraying water.
Why does the heater stop operation?
If the heater has been in operation for long hours, or when tipover or overheating occurs, it may stop operation.
How to attach Portable Bathroom Heater to my existing towel rail?
You may use the Portable Bathroom Heater Hook for the purpose. Click 'Know More' for purchase link.
Is the Bathroom Heater capable of sanitising towels or small garments?
The Bathroom Heater can blow dry towels with its heat outlet. Dryer fabrics make it harder for germs and moulds to grow and for odours to develop, thus inhibiting microbial growth.
Does the dust-proof filter of the Bathroom Heater need to be replaced?
No need. Just take it out when dust accumulates, brush clean and install it back.
What is the maximum time the heater can operate?
It is safe to operate for a long period of time. However, do not leave it unattended.
What is the best way to clean and maintain the heater?
Wipe the surface with a soft cloth.
Can this heater run standalone, without a power connection?
No. You need a power supply from an outlet.

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