Multifunctional Remote Control with Magnetic Holder

Multifunctional Remote Control
with Magnetic Holder

Large LCD display allows easy monitoring and control, along with a wall-mounted magnetic holder.

All-in-1 Functions

Warm Air Circulation

The Heat mode warms up a bathroom in an instant, then circulates warm air to keep a constant temperature, giving a comfortable bathing experience.

Laundry Drying

With a closed door and the Heat mode on, it takes only 2 hours to dry 3.5 kg of soggy laundry. The best yet? Power consumption only costs less than $4!


Turn on the Heat mode to evaporate the trouble-causing damp. Then, turn on the Vent mode to extract the stale evaporated air.

Steam and Stale Air Extraction

Use the Vent mode to extract all the steam and stale air in the bathroom for a pleasant bathing experience.

Fan Cooling

Beat the soaring mercury with the Fan mode, which circulates fresh air to cool the stifling indoors.

Three Flexible Installation Options

Window Mounting
  • Reserve a 293mm x 293mm hole on the window pane
  • Push the bathroom heater inside the hole, secure with screws and glass glue
  • Fix the remote control holder on a wall
Ceiling Mounting
  • Reserve a 293mm x 293mm on the ceiling
  • Use long bolts to secure the bathroom heater on the ceiling
  • Connect the ventilation duct and direct it outdoors
  • Fix the remote control holder on a wall
Wall Mounting
  • Mount the bathroom heater at a desired height on the wall with the air outlet facing downward
  • Secure the heater on the wall
  • Connect the ventilation duct and direct it outdoor
  • Fix the remote control holder on a wall



Functions & Features

WiFi Connection



More Details


Is there anything I have to pay attention to when cleaning the fascia of the Multi-Purpose Bathroom Heater?
Carefully put back the front cover onto the appliance with the correct orientation.
Is there anything I have to pay extra attention to while installing the multi-purpose bathroom heater?
When installing the multi-purpose bathroom heater on the wall, make sure all the components are in the correct positions. Also make sure the installation is handled by certified personnel.
What is the best way to clean and maintain the Multi-Purpose Bathroom Heater?
Switch off the appliance before cleaning. Wipe the unit with a soft, damp cloth with mild detergent.
If the Bathroom Heater is mounted on the window, will humid or rainy weather affect the efficiency?
For older models, it is recommended to install a waterproof shell.
What bathroom condition(s) is/are required for installing the German Pool Bathroom Heater?
The German Pool Bathroom Heater can be installed onto windows, walls or ceilings. Its compact design makes it suitable in most bathroom types.
Will the efficiency of the Bathroom Heater vary with different installation methods?
No, the efficiency of German Pool Bathroom Heater will not be affected by the type of installation method.
Is there anything I should pay attention before installing Bathroom Heater?
This appliance should not be installed near curtains or other flammable materials, to avoid any risk of fire.
Why is the bathroom heater not warm enough?
It is recommended to first turn on the heater for 10-15 minutes before using the bathroom.
Why does short circuit occur suddenly?
If the power cord and circuit do not stand a minimum of 10A loading, or if there had been an installation error, short circuit may happen.