Purifying, Heating & Ventilation

One Price for Multiple Functions

The new ultra-slim Multi-Purpose Bathroom Heater is one of the smallest bathroom heaters on the market. With multiple functions such as UVC sterilization, anion purification, heating, ventilation and fan, it replaces your exhaust fan, air purifier and other appliances and saves your space and money. A perfect deal for all seasons!

UVC Disinfection

Eliminates 99.9%# Bacteria

Irradiating with the new ultra-slim Multi-Purpose Bathroom Heater’s UVC sterilization system can destroy the DNA structure of bacteria and microorganisms, killing 99.9%# of common bacteria with one tap on the remote control.
#Test Report: Gmicro #2022FM00283R01

High Anion Concentration

Removes Air Pollutants

The Multi-Purpose Bathroom Heater releases negative ions with high concentration, which can attach to airborne pollutant particles, and help settle the particles and collect them out of the air, reducing pollutant concentration and improving your indoor air quality.

Compact & Streamlined

An Alternative to Exhaust Fan

The brand-new German Pool Multi-function Bathroom Heater is ultra slim. The installation dimensions are just 219x209mm. What’s more, the installation of exhaust pipes is not required. Just fasten the heater on the window frame with some screws, and it is ready to use.

Highly Efficient PTC Heating

Keeps You Warm during Shower

The built-in PTC ceramic heating element delivers gentle warm air that is comfortable to your body, preventing chapped skin. Powered up to 1,400 watts, the Multi-Purpose Bathroom Heater heats up the bathroom rapidly with low energy consumption. You may keep warm during bath or shower and enjoy the comfort of your bathing experience in the cold weather.

Drying Laundry Rapidly

Use high speed warm air to dry clothes rapidly during wet season. The oscillation angle can also be adjusted to achieve higher efficiency*.
*Drying time is affected by factors such as bathroom size, indoor and outdoor temperatures, types of fabric of clothes and how wet they are after wash and spinning.

Removing Moldy Smell

With the strong warm air and ventilation, the bathroom is kept dry and the negative ions remove odors and prevent molds from forming.

Facilitating Air Circulation

The fan and ventilation functions get rid of the steam after shower and keep the bathroom dry and well-ventilated.

Extremely Quiet Operation

The rotor noise level is as low as 56 decibels, which allows you to enjoy a tranquil environment.

Nine Functions in One
Fulfill All Your Needs

Remote control and wall-mounted holder are included for easy operation.


Purifies the air and removes odors.


Efficiently kills 99.9%# of bacteria.


Emits warm air with 2 speed options.


Warms up the bathroom before use.


Dries laundry with warm air* at 2 speeds.


Keeps air circulating in the bathroom.


Ventilation with 3 different time intervals.


Emits cool wind with 2 speed options.


Detects room temperature to run optimally.
#Test Report: Gmicro #2022FM00283R01
* Drying time is affected by factors such as bathroom size, indoor and outdoor temperatures, types of fabric and their level of water content after wash and spinning.

Catering to Specific Seasonal Needs

Laundry Drying & Curbing Mold Growth

On humid days, use Dry function to dry laundry quickly and remove moisture. Avoid mold growth and purify the air with UVC function.

Fan Cooling for Heat Dissipation

Fan and Circulation functions can deliver cool breeze and keep the bathroom from becoming stuffy, while Anion function removes odors.

Enjoy Comfort Automatically

In autumn, the temperature may be fluctuating. Auto function can detect room temperature and operate optimally.

Take A Shower with Warm Breeze

Preheat and Warm functions, with the highly efficient PTC ceramic heating elements, warm the air without drying your skin.

Thoughtful Design

Extremely Quiet Rotor

The sound produced during operation is as low as 56 dB.

Wide Angle Oscillation

Oscillation swing angles ranging from 60° to 90° ensure breeze is delivered to every corner.

IPX4 Water Resistance Level

Durable waterproof casing avoids backflow, moisture accumulation and rusting.

Easy-to-clean Dust Filter

Effective filters out dust particles and keeps the parts running smoothly.

Automatic Overheat Protection

Automatically shuts off product when overheating occurs to ensure safety.


Remote Control

Installation Diagram

Sterilizing Collection

German Pool Sterilizing Collection products are mostly natural, compact and smart. They protect you from germs and create a virus-free space to secure your health.

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Functions & Features

WiFi Connection



More Details


Is there anything I have to pay attention to when cleaning the fascia of the Multi-Purpose Bathroom Heater?
Carefully put back the front cover onto the appliance with the correct orientation.
Is there anything I have to pay extra attention to while installing the multi-purpose bathroom heater?
When installing the multi-purpose bathroom heater on the wall, make sure all the components are in the correct positions. Also make sure the installation is handled by certified personnel.
What is the best way to clean and maintain the Multi-Purpose Bathroom Heater?
Switch off the appliance before cleaning. Wipe the unit with a soft, damp cloth with mild detergent.
What are the installation dimensions of the UVC Multi-purpose Bathroom Heater?
The installation dimensions are 219x209mm, fitting in common bathroom window frame of residential flats.
Will the concentration of anions released change?
Yes, it will. The actual performance of this product may depend on various factors, including environmental factors, wind speed, and relative humidity etc.
If the Bathroom Heater is mounted on the window, will humid or rainy weather affect the efficiency?
For older models, it is recommended to install a waterproof shell.
What bathroom condition(s) is/are required for installing the German Pool Bathroom Heater?
The German Pool Bathroom Heater can be installed onto windows, walls or ceilings. Its compact design makes it suitable in most bathroom types.
Will the efficiency of the Bathroom Heater vary with different installation methods?
No, the efficiency of German Pool Bathroom Heater will not be affected by the type of installation method.
Is there anything I should pay attention before installing Bathroom Heater?
This appliance should not be installed near curtains or other flammable materials, to avoid any risk of fire.
Why is the bathroom heater not warm enough?
It is recommended to first turn on the heater for 10-15 minutes before using the bathroom.
Why does short circuit occur suddenly?
If the power cord and circuit do not stand a minimum of 10A loading, or if there had been an installation error, short circuit may happen.