UVC Eliminating

99.99%* Bacteria

The bathroom heater is equipped with UVC, which can destroy the DNA structure of microorganisms and kill 99.99%* common bacteria, providing you and your family extra health protection.

*Testing Report: SGS #GZF22-029423-01

Warm & Cool Modes
For Year-Round Comfort

High Heat, Low Heat and Cool Air modes suit all seasonal needs. High Heat Mode is perfect for warming up the bathroom before bath time. Low Heat Mode can achieve a constant warm environment with the least electricity.


Fix the bathroom heater to the wall securely with accessories, or move it to other rooms as you want. It is more flexible than ordinary heaters!


Place the heater on any level surface, such as dining table, nightstand or work desk. Then it can provide warmth or ventilation in any space.
Note: IP23 rating is only applicable to wall-mounted use only

Hook on Towel Bar

The bathroom heater can be attached to a towel bar using the hook accessory. Towels and small garments can be hung on the detachable towel rail.
Note: IP23 rating is only applicable to wall-mounted use only

Keep Warm Everywhere

Perfect for all indoor spaces, the Portable UVC Bathroom Heater will keep your loved ones cozily warm and sniffle-free even in the coldest of winters.

IP23 Water Resistant Rating#

Can effectively resist direct splashing, making the Portable Bathroom Heater perfectly safe.

#IP23 rating is only applicable to wall-mounted use only

PTC Ceramic Heating

PTC ceramic elements can produce warm and non-drying breeze rapidly and are more durable than metallic heating wire.

Heat-insulating Shell

The shell is made of flameproof materials. The surface will not be scalding when in use.

Thoughtful Design

Detachable Towel Rail

Detachable aluminum rail for drying towel or clothes.

90-Minute Off Timer

The heater will automatically turn off when the time set is expired.

Dustproof Mesh Filter

The filter is easy to clean and can prolong shelf life by blocking hair and large particles.


Detachable Towel Rail


Wall-Mounting Kit

Portable UVC Bathroom Heater



Functions & Features

WiFi Connection



More Details


Why does the heater go on and off?
When the appliance is tilted, the switch will pop out and cut off electricity connection for safety.
Can the UVC LED in the Bathroom Heater be used for environmental sterilisation as can regular UVC lamps?
The UVC LED inside only sterilises the filter for germ-free air outflow.
What is IP23 rating?
IP23 means protection against objects with diameter larger than 12.5 mm and spraying water.
Why does the heater stop operation?
If the heater has been in operation for long hours, or when tipover or overheating occurs, it may stop operation.
How to attach Portable Bathroom Heater to the wall?
Drill the Wall Mounting Device to the wall, or use hooks that are strong enough.
Is the Bathroom Heater capable of sanitising towels or small garments?
The Bathroom Heater can blow dry towels with its heat outlet. Dryer fabrics make it harder for germs and moulds to grow and for odours to develop, thus inhibiting microbial growth.
Does the dust-proof filter of the Bathroom Heater need to be replaced?
No need. Just take it out when dust accumulates, brush clean and install it back.
What is the maximum time the heater can operate?
It is safe to operate for a long period of time. However, do not leave it unattended.
What is the best way to clean and maintain the heater?
Wipe the surface with a soft cloth.
Can this heater run standalone, without a power connection?
No. You need a power supply from an outlet.