Innovative Steamed Cuisines

With high-temperature steam, the Stackable Steam Hotpot Cooker effectively retains moisture and nutrients, bringing out the original flavour of food. Its stackable multi-layer structure accommodates a large volume of food, making it the perfect choice for Steamed Seafood with Congee Hotpot.

Low Fat • Low Sugar • Low Sodium
Vegetables & Mushrooms

5-20 mins

Assorted Vegetables

5-20 mins


8-15 mins

Dim Sum

4-20 mins


5-15 mins


10-15 mins


5-10 mins


5-10 mins


4-10 mins

Sliced Beef

3-8 mins


12-20 mins

Steamed Cakes

5-15 mins


90-120 mins

Vegetable Soup

90-120 mins

Weekend Weekly Recommended

With German Pool Stackable Steam Hotpot Cooker, Weekend Weekly reporters have enjoyed homemade congee hot pot with seafood, fresh and quick.

Enjoy Steamed Delicacies at Home

Gathering with friends is always on our weekend to-do list. Having a party at home is often the best way to spend time with your mates. With German Pool’s brand new Stackable Steam Hotpot, you and your friends can enjoy steam hotpot at home with little effort!

Rapid steam generation in 30s. Compared with traditional steamers, the speed of cooking is twice as fast.

Cooking with the Stackable Steam Hotpot Cooker is 50% faster than traditional steam cooking methods. It effectively reduces the loss of nutrients while retaining the original flavour of food.

Stainless Steel Inner Pot

Made of food-grade stainless steel, the inner pot is safe to be in contact with food. Heat-resistant and anti-corrosive, it is strong and durable.

1.6 L Mega Water Tank

Steam continuously for up to 1 hour without adding any water. The external refill cartridge facilitates water refilling. With the super large water collector (inner pot), long-time steam cooking is made possible.

Stackable Multi-Layer Structure

With the dedicated steam ring* forming the stackable multi-layer structure, a large volume of food can be accommodated. Ideal for steamed seafood with congee hotpot!


*The dedicated steamer ring is an optional accessory

Electronic Operation

With simple feather touch buttons and a modern screen display, the Stackable Steam Hotpot Cooker is highly user-friendly.

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How to adjust the time and temperature on the Stackable Steam Hotpot Cooker?
Press the "Set Time/Power" button. Rotate the knob to set time and temperature. Press the knob to confirm.
Why is the Stackable Steam Hotpot Cooker displaying the error code
The appliance has to be descaled immediately. Complete the descaling procedure, then press "Descale" and "Set Time/Power" to reset the appliance.
Why is the Stackable Steam Hotpot Cooker displaying the error code "C3"?
The appliance is encountering the problem of dry-heating. Please check the water volume and whether the anti-block shield is obstructed. If the problem continues, please take the appliance to the Repairs & Customer Service Centre to repair.
What is the best way to descale the Stackable Steam Hotpot Cooker?
Mix descaling agent with water in a 1:20 ratio. Pour the solution into the water tank. Press the “Descale” button. Discard the residual water inside the water tank. Rinse well. Let the appliance cool down. Remove the steam cap. Twist the water outlet lid anti-clockwise and discharge the waste water. Pour water into the interior of the appliance from the top of the generator in order to flush out the precipitate. Repeat the process for 2-3 times and close the water outlet lid afterwards.