One-Touch Recipes Cook Perfect Delicacies

All new German Pool Deluxe Delicacy Cooker is especially designed for cooking precious delicacies such as cordyceps, bird’s nest and ginseng; with 8 preset functions catering specifically to different food ingredients that require various cooking times and temperatures, Deluxe Delicacy Cooker will cook your food to perfection, preserving the delicacy’s form and all of its nutritious essences.

Ginseng & Cordyceps

Retaining their precious essences

Bird’s Nest

Keeping its delicate form and shape

Peach Gum

Retaining its nutrients and healthy fibres

Herbal Medicine

Enhancing its medicinal values

Slow Stew

Cook to tender perfection

Double-Boiled Soup

Minimize evaporation


Cook soft and aromatic


Fermented in its purest form

Double-Boil Through Gentle Heat

Fully Extracts Delicacy Essences

Innovative electric double-boil technology gently and evenly stews precious delicacy food, retaining all their nutrients and essences while keeping their shapes intact for gourmet presentation.

Heats evenly all around
Double-boiling releases precious essences while retaining food’s shape and form
Porcelain pots ensure nutrients are not diluted

Smart Precision Control

No Worries of Boil-Dry or Boil Over

All new German Pool Deluxe Delicacy Cooker has 8 preset functions which enable you to cook different delicacies to perfection at the simple touch of a button; super long 24-hr on-timer and 12-hr off timer enable you to plan ahead. Simply prepare the ingredients and Deluxe Delicacy Cooker will automatically cook your delicacy to perfection for you. Boil-dry protection and boil-over prevention mechanisms mean you won’t have to keep watching during the cooking process, giving you more me time for a much-deserved rest.

Smart Keep Warm Technology

Auto Senses Optimal Keep Warm Temperature

Smart Keep Warm Function automatically engages after food finishes cooking. The smart sensor will detect the ambient temperature and adjust to the best keep warm temperature, ensuring your delicacies remain fresh and hot till you are ready to eat.

400 W Only

Energy-Saving & Economical

The power of all new German Pool Deluxe Delicacy Cooker is only 400 W, making it extremely energy-saving & economical to use; its microcomputerized thermostat maintains constant cooking temperature throughout the whole cooking process, ensuring food is evenly and gently cooked to perfection.

Notes (1)

Premium White Porcelain Stew Pots

Durable & Doesn’t Absorb Smells

All new German Pool Deluxe Delicacy Cooker comes with 1 complimentary large stew pot and 2 complimentary mini stew pots; 1.8L large stew pot is perfect for the whole family, while the 0.5L mini stew pots can cook 2 different delicacies at the same time. Made of fine white porcelain, the stew pots are non-toxic, durable, acid/alkali resistant and does not absorb food smells, suitable for concocting even the strongest of herbal tonics.

Large Stew Pot: 1.8L

(approx. 5-6 servings)(2)

Mini Stew Pot: 0.5L x2

(approx. 3 servings)(2)

Thoughtful Design

Transparent Glass Lid

Transparent glass lid lets you see the cooking process at a glance.

12 Hour Preset Timer

Preset the time you wish to start cooking, and when you come home, your delicacy will be ready.

Boil-Dry Safety Protection

Stainless steel base heating ensures the cooker will automatically power off should water dry out.

Heat Resistant Material

The white porcelain stew pots are made of heat-resistant, safe and durable material.


Large Stew Pot

Mini Stew Pot

Protective Rack

Plate Lifter



Functions & Features

WiFi Connection



More Details


Is Delicacy Cooker only designed for cooking delicacies like ginseng, cordyceps, and bird’s nest?
Other than ginseng, cordyceps, and bird’s nest, the Cooker can be used to make double-boil soup, slow stew, congee, herbal medicine, peach gum, and yogurt.
How much ingredients can I put into the porcelain pot inside the Delicacy Cooker?
Water should not exceed 80% of the pot capacity.
Can I adjust cooking time of the Deluxe Delicacy Cooker after cooking has started?
During cooking, you can adjust cooking time by pressing Increase Key/Decrease Key to cook food to the right texture that suits your taste.
After cooking has started, can I open the glass lid?
During cooking, if you wish to open the glass lid, please first tap Cancel Key to halt cooking, and wait until the water is no longer boiling before opening the lid in order to avoid getting scalded.
How do I use the “Keep Warm” function on the Deluxe Delicacy Cooker?
When cooking is done, the Deluxe Delicacy Cooker will automatically enter “Keep Warm” mode. User can also manually press “Keep Warm” key or adjust the temperature to 40-70°C for warm keeping.
I see error code “E3” on the display, and the Deluxe Delicacy Cooker stops working. What should I do?
It might be that the protective rack is not placed beneath the stew pot or that not enough water is added to the Cooker before placing the stew pot.
Can I fill the glass container directly with hot water?
Please warm up the container first by adding 1 inch of warm water before hot water.
Can I use the Healthy Slow Cooker to boil water?
No, it is not recommended.

Selected Recipes

Chicken with Ginseng and Wolfberry Soup
Black Glutinous Rice with Coconut Milk and Taro
Healthy Eight-Treasure Porridge
Chicken Sauce
Sweet Lotus Seed Soup with Herba Taxilli
Stewed Lean Pork with Cordyceps and Longan
Chicken Feet & Chestnut Soup
Chicken Soup with Walnut & Coconut
Longan & Chinese Wolfberry Soup
Sugar Cane & Sweet Corn Soup
Chinese Herbs & Japanese Curry Soup
Kudzu & Lentil Soup
Five Spices New Year Tea Eggs
Sweet Potato Soup
Sweet Lily Bulb & Red Date Dessert
Papaya & Chicken Feet Soup
Tendon & Chestnut Soup


(1) One electricity consumption unit is 1,000 W / hr, and cooking 2 hours with Deluxe Delicacy Cooker only utilizes 800 W, which is less than 1 unit of electricity.

(2) The servings are for reference only and the actual amount depends on the quantity of ingredients

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