Limited-Time Lunar New Year Offers: Soar into the Year of the Dragon

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The Year of the Dragon is almost here! To welcome the most powerful creature in the Chinese zodiac, German Pool Causeway Bay Showroom, Kowloon Bay Showroom and To Kwa Wan Showroom are all celebrating the auspicious Lunar New Year with unbeatable promotional offers! With all the merchandise on sale, don’t miss this once-a-year chance to upgrade your home appliances and give your home a fresh new look for the new year ahead!

Spring-Clean Series: Freshen Up Your Home!

Lunar New Year is traditionally the time for the yearly “Spring Clean”, which is a formidable task, but with German Pool cleaning series, you can easily literally single-handedly manage this huge cleaning project!

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As an upgrade to our popular Cordless Wet & Dry Vacuum Cleaner WVC-21DC, German Pool Cordless Wet & Dry Vacuum Cleaner WVC-222DC has all the features of the first generation, the new upgraded model coming with dual roller brushes and Sterilization function which auto-generates electrolyte solution for washing and disinfecting your floor in one go! Time and effort smartly saved. Talk about “Cleaning Power Double Up!”

*Electrolyte solution concentration and its sterilizing efficiency can vary depending on actual operation

Don’t want to bed down with dust mites this year? Then what you need is German Pool Cordless UVC Anti-Mite Cleaner (MKC-211)! With 11 kPa super cyclone suction power, 3,000 rpm roller brush, HEPA double filter together with UVC sterilization lamp, the Cleaner eliminates dust mites and common bacteria, safeguarding your family’s health and ensuring you a peaceful night’s sleep.

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German Pool Multifunctional Cordless Vacuum Cleaner (CVC-210) is a treasure box that can “single-handedly” clean every nook and cranny of your home! With a 15 kPa super cyclonic vacuum cleaner, floor nozzle, 2-in-1 nozzle with brush, flat nozzle, blower nozzle and the like all neatly packed inside a stylish case, this compact and complete Vacuum Cleaner Set can vacuum floors, shelves and sofa cushion gaps, even blow dust off your delicate lamps and ornaments, letting you clean your home in a jiffy.

The must-have cleaning gadget for car lovers – German Pool Cordless Upholstery Fabric Cleaner (SCC-WL60)! It first pounds the upholstery with a high pressure water jet spray to loosen the dirt, then scrubs the grime off with a 7,200 rpm high speed roller brush, and suck the dirt and water up with 8 kPa super suction power, deep-cleaning your car seats, floor mats and all household upholstery. Completely removing stains and ingrained dirt, it leaves your car interior and home furniture good as new!

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Safe Travels Series: Wishing You Bon Voyage On All Trips

The only downside to a good vacation – the scare of bed bugs! CNY is one of the most popular traveling seasons of the year; to make sure you don’t bring any “accidental tourist” home with you, you need to bring along German Pool Safe Travels gadgets to enjoy your trip worry-free!

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German Pool Ozone Sterilizing Hanger (OSH-030) is chemically safe & natural, using powerful yet natural ozone to eliminate 99.99% bacteria, perfect for disinfecting and deodorizing clothes that can’t be washed daily; you can even use it to sterilize hotel pillows and towels and kill off germs and even bed bugs! Its  compact and foldable design means it won’t hog your luggage space, and its USB plug-n-use design allows you to hang it up in hotel closets even when they don’t have power sockets.

Let’s face it, hotel kettles are fishy and can’t be trusted; who knows what it's been used for! For peace of mind, you really need the German Pool Foldable Travel Kettle (KTT-309): its compact foldable design makes it only 9 cm in height when folded up, so you can simply tuck it into the side of your suitcase. Its 100-240 V universal voltage also means you can take it to every corner of the world!

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Unless you are backpacking, you will probably dine out grand at some point on your travels. Plus, you would want to look fancy on your IG story, so you really shouldn’t travel without German Pool Handheld Garment Steamer (IRH-211)! Its super fast preheat system emits steam in 45 seconds and can be used for both vertical & flat ironing. It's perfect for straightening out your OOTD every morning before leaving the hotel. The pressurized steam penetrates fabric to erase wrinkles, eliminate odors, kill bacteria and dust mites, keeping you looking smart and IG-able.

Built-In Kitchen Series: Upgrade for the New Year!

It's time to up your kitchen game with the help of German Pool Built-In Kitchen Series! Let new intelligent models of cooktops, range hoods and more elevate your culinary exploration to new heights!

German Pool all new WiFi Smart Induction & Ceramic Hybrid Cooker (GIH-PD50B-SC) combines the quick and energy-efficient heating of an induction cooker with the versatility of a ceramic cooker when it comes to accommodating cookware made of various materials.

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Equipped with a wireless temperature probe, the hybrid cooktop provides more precise monitoring of cooking status of ingredients compared to traditional temperature-sensing cookers that only detect temperature of bottoms of cookware. It automatically and accurately adjusts heat levels and cooking temperature, ensuring top-notch sous vide results!

What's more, the cooktop’s revolutionary WiFi connectivity allows you to stay in control of your cooking anywhere, anytime, creating delicacies effortlessly like starred chefs!

WiFi Smart Chimney Type Range Hood (DCR-SC) has 25 speed levels that can suit every cooking need. It instantly whips away greasy fumes with incredible suction power, leaving your kitchen fresh and comfortable even during fiery stir-frying.

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In addition to its intelligent features like automatic self-degreasing function and hand gesture control, its WiFi connectivity enables you to control all functions of the range hood anywhere, anytime. Even if you forget to turn it off before leaving the house, you can easily handle it with just one tap, saving energy and the environment. Moreover, you can sync the range hood with a compatible Smart Cooktop through a mobile app to automatically adjust its suction power according to the stove's heat, making cooking a breeze!

Master of Kitchen Series: Embrace Blessings & Delights of Home Cooking!

For family and friends to eat well during Lunar New Year reunion, gather the best gadgets and unleash your inner chef right in the comfort of your own home! German Pool Master of Kitchen Series helps you bring auspicious dishes and snacks to the table with cooking time saved and complex steps of traditional cooking methods simplified.

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The German Pool Healthy Speedfry Oven (SFO-312) features revolutionary rapid speedfrying technology. Flameless, fumeless, and radiation-free with 3D hot air circulation technology, it significantly enhances the speed of airflow in the oven, ensuring even heating of food. Compared to traditional ovens or ordinary fryers, it is faster and more efficient, making it super easy to prepare festive snacks like crispy peanut puffs and sesame balls.

German Pool 3D Infrared Korean Barbecue Grill (KQB-415) utilizes 3-way rapid halogen heating and eliminates the need for adding oil to cooking, creating low-fat, healthy grilled dishes. With its unique upper heating element design, it achieves a truly fumeless grilling effect so that the house will never be filled with smoke again during grilling. Such a hearty yet healthy feast is perfect for celebrating the Lunar New Year with your family.

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Smart Home Series: Transform Your Home for Deluxe Comfort!

The all new German Pool WiFi Smart Home Series of IoT cooking appliances, home appliances and seasonal appliances include electrical kettlescooktopsrange hoodsdehumidifiersportable air conditioners, and even furniture and lighting.

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The smart appliances can all be easily remote-controlled by smartphone or tablet via German Pool Smart Control App anytime anywhere.

Simply tap your phone to turn the appliances on or off, set timer, switch modes, adjust power, temperature, wind speed, humidity level or change lighting color to suit your mood and need of the moment. 

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