Cordless Food Processor: Stack Up Design + Separate Bowls: Super Convenience!

2024-01-26 New Special Share

Food processor is an essential kitchen gadget that eases your food preparation: it whizzes up food and condiments neatly, saving you the trouble to chop them by hand and shortening cooking time. However, conventional food processors and food choppers usually come with one chopping bowl only, so you have to wash it every time you chop up a new ingredient. If you are not careful, blending both raw and cooked ingredients in one setting may even lead to cross-contamination.

This is why you need the all new German Pool Cordless Food Processor (PRG-WL07)! It comes with 1 glass bowl, 3 condiment bowls, 2 sets of blades and a handy spatula, so you can blend 4 different foods without having to wash bowls in between, which prevents different food tastes and smells from mingling together. Cordless rechargeable design means you can blend easily and freely anywhere in the kitchen or even right at the dinner table. Most unique of all, the Cordless Food Processor utilizes a stack-up design that saves storage space and lets you keep your kitchen neat and tidy.

Cordless Food Processor
Preparing Food Has Never Been This Easy

1 Blender with 4 Bowls

Different ingredients can be handled separately, avoiding cross-contamination!

Cordless Rechargeable Design

One full charge lasts for up to 50 min's cordless use, much more handy than corded ones!

1 Glass Bowl

Large capacity caters for mincing meat or whole vegetables. Easy to clean and doesn’t absorb smells!

Minces Thoroughly

Motor spins up to 17,000 rpm, able to finely mince all types of hard, soft, dry or wet ingredients!

3 Condiment Bowls

Perfect for chopping chili, garlic, parsley, etc. and can be used straight at the dinner table after mincing!

Stack-Up Design

After use, simply stack up the set and store in cupboard or on the counter without taking up much space!

Single-Handed Operation

One-touch fast blending stops immediately as you release your finger, easy and safe to use!

Easy to Install & Detach

Bowls and blades are easy to change and fully detachable, making for easy cleaning!

Stack-Up Design: Space-Saving Neat Storage!

The clutter of conventional food processors and their accessories is a headache to store. When you try to stack them up, they just keep falling all over the place, not to mention they often mysteriously get lost somewhere in the dark abyss of the kitchen cabinet. With its innovative stack-up design, German Pool Cordless Food Processor and its accessories neatly pile up without falling over.

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The set also comes with a silicone anti-skid pad that prevents the bowls from sliding during blending. Special nooks on the pad are designed for standing the main unit and the spatula upright; the blades can be stored inside blending bowls and covered with lids for safety. Simply stack up the whole set and tuck it away in the corner of your kitchen counter or cabinet, saving you precious storage space while looking neat and tidy.

Separate Mincing Bowls: Preventing Cross-Contamination!

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German Pool Cordless Food Processor comes with one 700 ml glass bowl and three 200 ml condiment bowls. The glass bowl is made of durable thick glass that won't interact with or impart any flavor, odor, or chemical to your food, making it perfect for mincing meat or larger chunks of food like a whole head of cauliflower.

Made of food-grade PP material, the condiment bowls are lightweight and resistant to acids, oils and fats, perfect for chopping condiments like chili, garlic and spring onion. You can directly bring the condiment bowls to the dinner table, which makes them excellent for a hot-pot feast.

Splash Guards: Ensuring Cleanliness & Hygiene!

German Pool Cordless Food Processor comes with food-grade silicone splash guards. When installed onto the blade unit, it prevents minced meat or food juices from splashing onto the main unit, ensuring the main unit is clean and hygienic at all times. This can also prevent cross-contamination even if you mince raw meat and cooked food in the same setting.

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Cordless & Rechargeable: Process Food Single-Handedly!

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German Pool Cordless Food Processor is built-in with a 2,000 mAh li-ion battery. It charges fast and can provide up to 50 minutes’ continuous use, offering you unparalleled versatility that corded food processors cannot match.

Simply pick up the blending bowl of your choice and mince meat, chop condiments, or prepare baby food anytime anywhere as you like, even when no outlet plug is nearby.

The Food Processor is incredibly easy and safe to use. Simply hold it in one hand and press the button with your thumb to blend, then release your thumb anytime to stop. The slim main unit is lightweight, portable and ergonomically designed to fit the palm of your hand, offering a comfortable grip that reduces fatigue even when processing a large quantity of food.

Easily Blend All Foods Hard or Soft

The Cordless Food Processor comes with two sets of razor sharp S-shaped blade units that spin up to 17,000 times per minute, thoroughly chopping or mincing all sorts of dry, moist, hard and soft food in a matter of seconds.

The degree of fineness solely depends on how long you hold onto the button. When the food reaches the consistency you desire, simply let go of your thumb and it stops immediately. Super simple to use!

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