PARKnSHOP Money Back: Redeem German Pool Appliances at Up to 70% Off

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Get Your Flameless Eco-Living Gadgets

Love cooking and love green living? Flameless cooking is the way to go! German Pool and PARKnSHOP feel the same way too, and that’s why we join forces to bring you the Eco-Living Home Appliance Series!

9 different German Pool eco-living flameless home appliances including the see-through glass pot Healthy Speedfry Oven (SFO-312), chic & practical free-standing Compact Induction Cooker with Grill Pan (GIC-KS20T), the chilliest coffee brewer in town Auto Chill Cold Brew Coffee Maker (CMV-350), the automatic cooking ricebox Bento Steam Cooker (FSL-103) and many more of our hottest eco-living cooking appliances, plus 2 brand new appliances that haven’t hit the market yet—

Compact Instant Hot Water Dispenser (IWD-102)
Foldable Travel Kettle (KTT-309)

MoneyBack members can receive 1 pc German Pool eStamp upon every purchase of $50 at PARKnSHOP, and Double eStamps upon purchase of $250 on Fri, Sat, Sun. For those who prefer the convenience of online shopping, you receive Double eStamps upon every purchase of $50 at PNS eShop too! Collect your eStamps today, and redeem German Pool Eco-Living Home Appliances at UP TO 70% OFF with 1 year warranty. Start your flameless-cooking eco-living now!

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German Pool Hot Products

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Compact Instant Hot Water Dispenser

.Water heats instantly, no need to wait
.7 Preset temp. for different beverages
.Versatile use with different water bottles
.Light & compact, size of a sports bottle

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Foldable Travel Kettle

.Cook, Boil & Keep Warm 3-in-1
.Super compact at only approx. 9 cm high
.Adaptable to universal voltage 100-240 V
.40-90℃ precise temp. regulating technology

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Healthy Speedfry Oven

.See-through glass pot for easy monitoring
.Oil-free crispy deep fry without the extra calories
.One-touch operation for easy deep fry, bake, grill, etc.
.Glass pot is easy to clean and dishwasher-safe

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IH Multifunctional Rice Cooker

.IH electromagnetic 3D heating cooks rice to perfection
.8 cooking modes: claypot, soup, steam and more
.3 rice textures: standard, soft, firm
.3L capacity for the whole family

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Auto Chill Cold Brew Coffee Maker

.Innovative Auto Chill technology, no need to pre-ice water
.Auto cold brew and keep cold up to 4 hours
.3D brewing technology auto brews coffee and tea leaves
.Complimentary matching black ceramic mug

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Compact Induction Cooker with Grill Pan

.Power up to 2,000W / 240°C
.Complimentary matching grill pan with lid
.10-level power control from slow simmer to fiery stir-fry
.13A plug-n-cook for convenient use

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Bento Steam Cooker

.Double-decker design divided into 4 compartments
.Convenient to cook fresh hot meal in the office
.Hygienic and healthy “rice-box” lunches
.4-hr keep warm function for a hot meal anytime

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Handheld Garment Steamer

.2-in-1 vertical and flat ironing, no need for ironing board
.20-second speedy preheat, no need to wait
.High-pressure steam for instant straightening
.Steam purification technology sterilizes & deodorizes

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.Suitable for all foods hard, soft, dry and wet
.Takes only 6 seconds to mince meat
.1.8L capacity enough for a large family of 8
.300W powerful motor; 2 modes: High and Low

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    PARKnSHOP Money Back x German Pool
    Redeem Eco-Living Home Appliance Series at UP TO 70% OFF
    • eStamp Issuance: from now to August 3, 2023
      Product Redemption: from now to August 10, 2023
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