German Pool to Celebrate Its 40th Anniversary This Year!

2022-12-09 Corporate New Share

Founded in 1982, German Pool is celebrating its 40th anniversary this year. The brand has always adhered to the motto: "innovative & modern; high quality & reliable; good performance with great value" when it comes to bringing products to the market. It constantly innovates and expands German Pool product line from electric water heaters to kitchen appliances, lifestyle appliances, high-end kitchen cabinets as well as custom-made furniture. From product design, manufacturing to sales, each step is done meticulously, providing the highest quality and most comprehensive selection for customers in Hong Kong, Macao and the Greater Bay Area!

To celebrate this important milestone, German Pool hosted an exclusive gala at the company's flagship showroom in Causeway Bay on 2 December, 2022. At the same time, the brand announced its latest 2023 New Products at the event. Media and major business partners were amongst the first to view the release of 2023 New Products, including the brand new IoT Smart Home Collection, Wireless Household Cleaning Collection and popular German Pool appliance series such as Cookware, Built-in Appliances and Water Heaters -- over 70 new products were being featured! Now, check out some of the special moments of the day:

▲ Founder of German Pool, Dr. Edward Kowk Man Chan, spoke about the development and innovation of German Pool over the past 40 years

▲ Representative and head of Clage, the brand's German partner for instantaneous water heaters, came to Hong Kong all the way from Germany to participate in the event

▲ German Pool Group Executive Director introduced the brand's 2023 new products to media and partners

▲ A special demonstration area is set up on site for attendents of the even to experience German Pool new products first hand