All new Mini Maifan Stone Rice Cooker is just right for couples or singles

2024-04-23 New Share

Perfect Rice Cooker for Small Families

Does your regular rice cooker at home always make more rice than you actually need? The brand new German Pool Mini Maifan Stone Rice Cooker (SRC-308) is probably what you've been looking for! With 300 W power, it cooks rice in just 28 minutes. The natural maifan stone pot coating provides many health benefits. Even if rice is not on your menu today, Mini Maifan Stone Rice Cooker can also cook soup, make congee, and even steam a meat patty! By adding in rice grains and water, you can enjoy just the right amount of fresh and fluffy steamed rice every single time!

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High Quality Maifan Stone Inner Pot

Rich in natural mineral elements, adding valuable healthy nutrients to your rice!​​​​​​​

Super Mini Size

Extremely space-saving. The chic design is made for tiny homes and open kitchens!​​​​​​​

800 ml Capacity

Enough portion for families of 1-2 persons. There won't be leftover any more. It's fresh and fluffy rice each and every meal!

Rice/Congee/Steam/Soup Programs

Home-cooking made easy! Push a button, sit back, and viola, a fresh hot meal will be ready in front of you!

24-hr Timer

Simply set the timer and it automatically starts to cook at your desired time. Rice is ready exactly when you want it!

Auto Keep Warm Function

Mini Rice Cooker automatically keeps warm after cooking, so you can enjoy hot, fresh food any time!

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Premium Maifan Stone-Coated Inner Pot  Healthy & Good For You

German Pool Mini Maifan Stone Rice Cooker ​​​​​​​high quality maifan stone is rich in natural mineral elements, adding valuable nutrients to your rice; Mini Maifan Stone Rice Cooker heats evenly so every grain of rice comes out plump and fragrant.

Non-stick coating is durable and very easy to clean; detachable aluminum inner lid makes cleaning much easier.

Mini & Compact with 0.8 L Capacity Perfect For 1-2 Persons!

​​​​​​​German Pool Mini Maifan Stone Rice Cooker is much tinier than conventional rice cookers, saving you precious kitchen space, and can be conveniently stored inside your kitchen cabinet; its minimalistic chic design also looks good on open kitchen counters, and with its convenient handle, you can even take the whole pot from the kitchen to your dinner table with just one hand. 

The Mini Maifan Stone Rice Cooker is tiny yet it houses a generous 800ml capacity, perfect for 1-2 persons.

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Rice / Congee / Steam / Soup All-in-One Perfect For all Kinds of One Pot Easy Meals!

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24-Hr Preset Timer Meal Served Exactly When You Want It!

Simply set the timer, and when countdown hits zero, Mini Maifan Stone Rice Cooker will automatically start to cook. Together with its auto keep warm function, fresh hot food is served exactly when you want it, so you can enjoy a fresh home-cooked meal the moment you get home after a long day at work.