Project Cupid: Cook Up a Romantic Meal with Superb Kitchen Gadgets!

2024-02-08 Special Share

Valentine’s Day is just a week away. Have you decided how to celebrate yet? Nothing beats wooing your valentine with a romantic candlelit dinner in the most private setting you can find — at home! With German Pool’s easy-to-use multifunctional kitchen gadgets, you can cook the most exquisite and heart-warming cuisine that will wow your sweetheart, even if you are not skilled at cooking!

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Super Mini Yet Ultra-Mighty:

Mini Steam Grill Oven SGV-1518

Mini Multifunctional Steam Grill Oven is tiny yet complete with 10 cooking functions, ranging from steam, grill, bake, sous vide, air fry, stew, dehydrate to ferment and more, together with 360° automatic rotation technology which is perfect for roasting rotisserie chicken or air-fry French fries. It really is the only cooking appliance you need in your kitchen!

Can’t decide to make garlic bread, onion bisque, sous vide steak, roast chicken, chocolate lava cake or crispy apple chips? Why not make them all with this Multifunctional Mini Oven! From appetizer, main course to dessert, this tiny oven that is only around 35 cm wide but has a 15 L capacity can take care of it all while not hogging up your precious kitchen space!

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Diamond-Seared Steaks Made Easy:
2-Hob Induction Cooker with Grill Pan

One of the most popular dishes for romantic candlelit dinner has to be the heart-shaped steak. Grilling the perfect steak may sound simple, but there’s a lot of technicality involved. The flame power and cooking time have to be precise for achieving a caramelized exterior and perfect rareness. That’s why you need the all new German Pool 2-Hob Induction Cooker with Grill Pan (GIC-KD28T)!

The cooktop’s 48 cm extra wide complimentary grill pan is especially designed with a ridged grill area on the right and a flat frying area on the left. The ridged pan can drain away excess grease and let you easily grill a steak with professional steakhouse diamond grill marks, while the flat surface on the left is perfect for grilling vegetables and other side dishes, letting you whip up a complete main course in no time.

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The special grill pan can serve as an all-zone cooktop, together with 2,800 W strong power and 8 heat levels to choose from. It can simmer at 100°C and support fiery frying at 240°C, perfect for cooking all sorts of cuisines, even BBQ skewers! You can also remove the grill pan and use any ferromagnetic cookware instead, enjoying a romantic hotpot or crafting an all-day breakfast, everything totally up to you two lovebirds!

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Fumeless & Greaseless Home BBQ:
Mini Korean Barbecue Grill KQB-39E

With German Pool Mini Korean Barbecue Grill, you can have a quiet home BBQ with your valentine right in the comfort of your home, and there’s something extra romantic about cooking for each other!

Unique heating system of the grill allows you to just use the upper heating element, effectively preventing grease from dripping on the grill and causing heavy fumes like traditional barbecue grills do, so you won’t have to worry about BBQ smells lingering on your hair, clothes or furniture.

Halogen rays penetrate food, heating up the oil content inside, making it cook itself through, so there is no need to add any oil to your cooking, while excess oil from food will drip off and be gathered in the detachable oil reservoir, so you can enjoy all the scrumptiousness of your barbecue without any grease problem. Healthy and low-fat Korean BBQ has never been so easy to prepare and satisfying!

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Secret for Food Staying Hot:
Foldable Food Warmer Mat FWM-125

Cooking and eating a candlelit dinner can take hours, especially when you are holding hands and whispering sweet nothings in each other’s ears. Since you put so much effort into this romantic meal, it would be a pity if the food goes cold.

That’s why you need the all new German Pool Foldable Food Warmer Mat! It can keep food warm up to 4 hours, and its all-zone heating surface means there is no standard size for pots or plates to be warmed.

With its advanced heating element, Foldable Food Warmer Mat can keep 6 dishes or more warmed at the same time, and it works on any heat-resistant utensil ranging from ceramic, metal, stainless steel to porcelain. You can even use it to warm wines, sakes and toddies; now that’s a complete and perfect romantic valentine dinner for sure!