19-in-1 Multifunctional King Of Ovens Creates Michelin Dishes

2023-10-20 New Special Share

Want to enjoy healthy steamed food, scrumptious grilled cuisines and the convenience of a microwave at home, but don’t want to bulk up your kitchen space with all three steamer, oven and microwave oven? With the all new German Pool Built-In Steam & Grill Microwave Combi Oven (SGM-T4228), your dream can now come true! Innovatively combining steamer, oven, griller and microwave oven all into one standard built-in size multifunctional oven with 19 preset functions and 42 smart recipes, the Combi Oven saves you both space and money!

Newly upgraded full-color touchscreen allows for easy setting of cooking modes, recipe selection, and clear display of cooking status. All you need to do is point and glide, and Built-In Steam & Grill Microwave Combi Oven will cook according to your command. Use Steam, Grill or Microwave functions individually, or combine them freely for more elaborate cooking with shortened cooking time, quickly whipping up a scrumptious and healthy meal for the whole family.

German Pool Built-In Steam & Grill Microwave Combi Oven – The King of Ovens!

Steam, Grill, Microwave All-in-One: your true multipurpose cooking gadget, one product replacing several appliances, saving you space and money!
Full Color Touchscreen Panel: Significantly easier and more fun to use than conventional buttons. Even kitchen newbies can use with ease!
42 L Extra Large Rated Capacity: 3-tiered flexible shelving can fit in a whole turkey or accommodate several dishes at once, saving time and electricity.
42 Preset Smart Recipes: one-touch recipes with preset cooking time, temperature and method. Simply place in your food and a meal will be ready!
595 mm Standard Built-in Oven Dimensions: standard dimensions make replacing old appliances a stress-free no-brainer task!
1 L Extra Large Water Tank: sufficient for 1.5 hr continuous steaming; external tank allows easy refilling without oven temperature plummeting.

Full Color Touchscreen:
Concise, Easy to Navigate & User-Friendly!

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All new Built-In Steam & Grill Microwave Combi Oven (SGM-T4228) with innovative full color touchscreen control is stylish and much simpler to use than conventional ovens with push-buttons.

Simply tap and glide to select functions, choose recipes or set cooking parameters, and the full color screen will display your selected settings, real time cooking status and progress in a neat and clear way, making cooking easy for seasoned chefs, senior users and kitchen newbies alike.

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19-in-1 Combi Oven:
Replacing Numerous Kitchen Appliances!

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All new Built-In Steam & Grill Microwave Combi Oven (SGM-T4228) combines microwave oven, steamer, grill and oven all into one, with 19 major functions, including Microwave-Steam, Microwave-Grill, Convection, Air-fry, Steam-Grill, Preheat, Ferment, Defrost, Sterilize, Deodorize, Oven Clean, Descale, and 42 Preset Recipes, one King of Oven perfectly replacing your microwave oven, steamer, grill and oven altogether. Definitely decluttering your kitchen and helping you do the most cooking in the smallest space!

Steam cooking locks in food’s moisture and nutrients, retaining original flavors; 3D convection grill bake creates a crispy bite with a succulent center; microwave cooking satisfies food cravings in mere seconds; and Microwave-Steam and Microwave-Grill combi-cook let you whip up sophisticated dishes in a fraction of their original preparation time!

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1000 W microwave power rapidly heats food up, perfect for heating cup noodles, frozen snacks, defrosting, fermenting dough and reheating food. Especially catering for the "fast food" generation.

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230℃ high temperature grilling with hot-air convection evenly distributes heat to every corner of the oven cavity. Chicken is grilled to perfection with ease, skin remaining golden crispy and the meat juicily succulent.

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120℃ high temperature steam perfectly locks in food’s moisture and nutrients, retaining their authentic flavors while expelling excess fat, perfect for those who like to eat light and healthy.

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Range of baking temperature can be set from 100-200°C. Carefully baked with precision, cakes come out moist and fluffy, bread becomes airy, springy and aromatic while pies and tarts turn golden and crispy.

42 Preset Smart Recipes
Michelin-Starred Cuisines at Your Fingertips!

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Built-In Steam & Grill Microwave Combi Oven (SGM-T4228) has 42 preset smart recipes, ranging from crispy chicken bites, Portuguese egg tarts, spicy squids, to pizzas and more! Simply swipe the screen and tap on a recipe, select food quantity, and the oven will automatically cook at the most appropriate temperature, time and method. Now, even for kitchen newbies, with the all new Combi Oven, Michelin-starred cuisines are just a tap away!

Free-Style Combi Cooking
Saves You Cooking Time & Effort!

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Microwave, Steam and Grill functions may be used individually or combined to achieve different cooking results; steam-cooking promotes healthy eating, grilling satiates the palate and microwave saves time. Combine all three and you get the best of all worlds! When microwave-grilling chicken wings with the Combi Oven only takes 4 minutes*, who would want to dine out anymore!

Simply tap Combi Function on the touchscreen, select 3 functions from Microwave, Steam, Grill, Microwave-Steam and Microwave-Grill, and Built-In Steam & Grill Microwave Combi Oven will automatically cook according to your chosen sequence, saving you the trouble of repeatedly running back and forth to set new commands or check on the cooking progress; with Combi cooking function, simply place in the food, sit back, relax, and wait to be served!

* Actual cooking time may be affected by food quantity and cooking utensil

42 L Rated Capacity
Feast for Whole Family Cooked at Once!

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Matte black stylish exterior houses a whopping 42 L rated capacity, large enough for roasting a whole fish or a big chicken; together with the 3-tier flexible shelving design, the Built-In Steam & Grill Microwave Combi Oven can easily prepare a dinner for 4 all in one go!

Built-In Steam & Grill Microwave Combi Oven comes complete with an array of microwave, steam and grill racks, so you can cook on all three shelves at once, saving you electricity and time!