[For 6 Days Only!] Cookware Super Offers at SOGO Spring Homeware Fair

2024-03-05 Promo Corporate Share

Working with the perfect tool is halfway to success, and this goes for cooking as well. When your cookware is well-designed, it not only helps you cook up scrumptious dishes but also saves you cooking time and cleaning time! And if it’s high quality cookware you are looking for, look no further than the German Pool booth at “SOGO Spring Home Living & Cookware Fair” taking place during March 6-11, 2024! We will be bringing you various hot-selling multifunctional cooking appliances and cookware, including:

.Our latest model of free-standing Steam Grill Microwave Combi Oven (SGM-3220L) that combines the microwave, steamer and grill oven all in one compact body
.Free-standing Infrared Electric Ceramic Cooker series that is compact yet powerful, also suitable for all types of cookware
.Mini Blender series that can blend all food hard or soft at one tap
Korean Detachable Handle Pan & Pot Set series that are space-saving and versatile
Korean Megastone Pot & Wok series, made in Korea with Megastone non-stick material

Also available on sale are an array of stainless steel kitchen knives, vacuum cooking jars, ceramic pots, hand-press coffee makers and more. All merchandise will be offered at incredible discounts and there will also be loads of free gifts*! Sale is offered for 6 days only, so don’t miss this chance to haul all these goodies home!

Mini Food Processor


Cordless Chopper


Ceramic Cooker


Ceramic Cooker


  German Pool “SOGO Spring Home Living & Cookware Fair”
  Flash Sale for 6 Days Only!

  Date: March 6-10 (10:00-22:00)
             March 11 (10:00-21:00)
  Venue: SOGO CLUB, 16/F, SOGO, 555 Hennessy Road, Causeway Bay

  *Prices mentioned are for reference only. German Pool reserves the right of final decision. All merchandise and gifts are of limited quantities; offer good only while stocks last and no further announcements will be given.

- Highlighted Products -

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One Click to Attach & Detach
Detachable-Handle Pan & Pot Set

Unlike conventional pots and pans that take up a lot of storage space, German Pool Korean Detachable-Handle Pan & Pot Set are designed to be stackable and space-saving. The non-stick coating also makes them a breeze to clean. The patented detachable handle can be used for both the pot and pan. Simply click to attach when cooking on the stove and click to detach when placing the cookware in oven, fridge, dishwasher or on dinner table, all ready to serve!

The patented detachable handle can be used for both the pot and pan. Simply click to attach when cooking on the stove and click to detach when placing the cookware in oven, fridge, dishwasher or on dinner table ready to serve. A flexible and convenient choice!

Durable & Easy to Clean
Ultimate 5-Layer Non-stick Coating

The made-in-Korea 5-layer coating of Korean Detachable-Handle Pan & Pot Set is super-reinforced, scratch-resistant and durable, withstanding up to 600°C high heat. Certified by Japan’s stringent JIS and international IEC standards, the coating is PFOS and PFOA free. Both the pot and pan can be used on all sorts of cooktops ranging from induction cooker, infrared ceramic cooker, electric cooker to open flame. They are even oven-safe, making them one of the most versatile cookware on the market! Food does not stick or burn even when no oil is added, making the cookware set perfect for the health-conscious. Easy cleaning adds to your kitchen bliss too!

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​​​​​​​Glass lid included
(removable knob)
24 x 24 cm pot & pan


PE tight-seal lid
24 cm pot & pan


PE tight-seal lid
24 cm pot, 20 cm pan


PE tight-seal lid
24 cm pot, 26 cm pan

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Microwave + Steam Grill Magic
Free-standing Combi Oven SGM-3220L

Hong Kong kitchens are so small there is often only space for either a microwave oven or a steam grill oven. Too painful to make that choice? German Pool has got you covered – the latest model of free-standing Steam Grill Microwave Combi Oven (SGM-3220L) fulfils all your cooking needs with the smallest use of space!

One oven complete with 42 smart recipes and 19 functions — including microwave, steam, grill, bake, sous vide, microwave grill and more, can perfectly replace the microwave oven, steamer, and grill oven, saving you both space and money! The compact oven houses a whopping 32 L extra large capacity, spacious enough to roast a whole chicken or steam a whole grouper. Its 3-tier design also allows for cooking multiple dishes simultaneously, helping you shorten cooking time!

Microwave Steam / Microwave Grill
Quick & Perfect Way to Cook

Steaming together with microwave cooking can drastically shorten cooking time while retaining the succulent moisture in food, perfect for cooking seafood! Grilling combined with microwave cooking is especially helpful when roasting chicken, pigeons and large pieces of meat, preventing food from being overcooked on the surface while still raw inside.

Demo Images

Demo Images

Free Style Combi-Cooking
Easy & Time-Saving!

With the specially designed Combi Cook Function, you can freely combine 3 cooking steps ranging from Microwave, Steam, Grill, Microwave Steam to Microwave Grill. Simply tap Combi button to set the sequence and the Combi Oven will automatically cook accordingly, saving you the trouble of having to run back and forth to check on the cooking progress!