5-layer Coating

The 5-layer coating is made of Megastone material which is super-reinforced and scratch-resistant. Food does not stick to the pan. The coating is ultra-durable which can withstand up to 600°C.

Anti-Bacterial Top Coating
Ceramic Top Coating
Ceramic Base Coating
Ceramic Base Coating
Ceramic Clear Top Coating
PFOS and PFOA Free

The coating is PFOS & PFOA free, perfectly safe to use.

Easy-to-clean and Non-stick

The non-stick pan is super easy to clean. Food does not stick even if no oil is used.

Certified by International Quality Standards

The pans are certified by stringent Japan’s JIS as well as international IEC standard.

Applicable Cooktop


Patented Detachable Handle Design

One Click to Attach/Detach

All it takes is one click to attach/detach the handle to/from the cookware. It is much more convenient and saves space to store the cookware with handle detached.

Ultra Easy When Serving

The handle is designed to attach and detach securely with one click. Cook from the hob, move to the oven and serve directly on the table.

Detachable Handle

Detachable handle is applicable to both the pan and pot. This space-saving design ensures easy storage in your cupboards.

Complimentary Glass Pot Lid

Saving Plastic Wrap
When Storing in a Fridge

The complimentary glass pot lid gives you extra convenience when storing the pot in a fridge. You no longer need to use plastic wrap to seal the pot.

Korean Detachable-Handle Pan & Pot Set Video



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