Mini Yet Mighty 10-in-1 Steam Grill Oven with Rotisserie Function

2024-01-24 New Corporate Share

When purchasing a new oven, aside from wanting it to have all the functions in the world, its capacity is also a very important factor of consideration! Big is not essentially better; it really should fit in with your lifestyle, and moreover, it should fit in your kitchen! Hong Kong kitchens are notoriously small, and if you have a small kitchen, you would want a steam oven that doesn’t cramp your kitchen counter and instead leaves you ample space for other essential appliances and a comfortable cooking environment!

Introducing the all new German Pool Mini Multifunctional Steam Grill Oven (SGV-1518), a compact multipurpose steam grill oven that can replace your steamer, oven, sous vide water bath, air fryer, food dehydrator and more! With 10 functions including Steam, Grill, Air Fry, Stew, Dehydrate and more, and an innovative 360° Rotisserie function, it can take care of all your cooking needs. Most importantly, this all comes in a mini compact size of only 35 cm in width and with a whopping 15 L capacity, perfect for the modern home’s tiny kitchen or open kitchen! This is definitely one small oven that saves you kitchen space and money for buying other machines!

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Mini Multifunctional Steam Grill Oven —— Tiny & Space-Saving Yet Mighty!

 Free-standing Mini Oven

With a width of only 35 cm, it definitely frees up your limited kitchen space!

10-in-1 Functionality

Complete with Steam, Grill, Stew, Air Fry, Dehydrate, Ferment, Defrost, Keep Warm and more functions!

360° Automatic Rotisserie Function

Heat penetrates food evenly, also saving you the hassle of having to manually flip food!

43 Preset Recipes

One-touch automatic cooking of popular international recipes including roast chicken, pineapple bun, and macarons!

Automatic Cleaning

Steaming at high temperature melts away grease, removes food debris and gets rid of odor and scale built-up, making cleaning a breeze!

650 ml Detachable Water Tank

A full tank can supply steam continuously for 1 hr, ample for steaming anything from a whole chicken to a seafood platter without water refill!

Mini Design: Perfect For Tiny Kitchen/Open Kitchen!

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The ultra-compact German Pool Mini Multifunctional Steam Grill Oven is especially designed with Hong Kong’s tiny kitchen in mind. Its free-standing compact body allows for placement flexibility and its stylish matte grey design fits in with modern kitchen décor.

While Mini Multifunctional Steam Grill Oven may look small on the outside, it houses a 15 L capacity, enough to fit in a whole chicken, whole fish or whole lobster with room to spare! Its 3-tier design can even accomodate several dishes at once, saving you time and electricity!

Function Is Beauty: Air Fry, Sous Vide, Double-Boil & More!

All new Mini Multifunctional Steam Grill Oven is the new definition of small yet mighty! It can replace several kitchen appliances at once, including your Steamer, Oven, Air Fryer, Sous Vide Cooker, Food Dehydrator and more, with 10 amazing functions:

1. Steam    2. Grill    3. Steam Grill    4. Stew    5. Sous Vide    6. Air Fry    7. Dehydrate    8. Ferment    9. Defrost    10. Keep Warm

With this oven, you can easily and speedily cook all kinds of gourmet dishes in the comfort of your home!

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High Temperature Steam
Locks in Nutrients

115°C high temperature steam cooking prevents moisture loss in food and retains nutrients and genuine flavors of food ingredients.

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Rare or Done
Exactly How You Like It

40°C low temperature steaming with precision time and temperature control enables you to master sous vide dishes at your fingertips.

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Hot Air Convection
For Fluffy Cakes & Golden Roasts

1,800 W with 3D Heat Circulation delivers high heat evenly throughout the oven cavity. Cakes bake fluffy and roasts burst with flavours.

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Juicy, Tender & Flavorful
Every Bite Is Perfection

Grilling with steam keeps the food moist inside while the skin  is grilled to a golden crisp, excellent for preparing roasts and seafood.

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Healthy & Pure
Home-Made Dried Snacks

Low heat and 360° hot air convection quickly dissipate moisture in food, perfect for making meat jerkies, dried fruits or apple chips.

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Healthy Frying
Without Oil & Grease

Healthy Fry Mode with 230°C high heat and 3D heat circulation let you enjoy crispy air fried foods without using any extra oil.

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Gentle Simmering
For Extraction of Nutrition

100°C steam gently stews delicacies to perfection while the 15 L oven capacity can accommodate one large stew pot or two small pots.

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Crusty Sourdoughs Made Easy
Perfect for Home Bakers

40-50°C is the prime temperature which allows bread dough to rise, also perfect for making your own healthy fresh yogurt at home.

360° Rotation Technology: Hands-Free Rotisserie Roasting!

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Simply tap one key to activate 360° Rotisserie function, place your food on the rotisserie fork or in the rotisserie basket, and food will be roasted or air-fried evenly without having to flip them over by hand, unlike using conventional ovens where you have to open the oven door and check on the cooking progress or hand-flip the food over and over for even browning.

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By cooking with the rotisserie fork or rotisserie basket, excess oil will automatically drip off, letting you enjoy the crisp without the grease. To make cleaning Mini Multifunctional Steam Grill Oven simple, just place a tray on the bottom of the oven to catch the grease and wash easily afterwards.

43 Preset Recipes: Newbies Becoming Starred Chefs!

Mini Multifunctional Steam Grill Oven is programmed with 43 preset recipes including roast chicken, pineapple bun, chiffon cake, macarons and other international cuisines, turning kitchen newbies into instant professional chefs; simply tap one key then sit back and wait to enjoy delicious cuisines.

With the Mini Multifunctional Oven at home, even beginners with no cooking skills can whip up new and scrumptious cuisines every day, easily air frying chicken wings, French fries and making sous vide chicken breasts for a healthy snack anytime!

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One-Touch Auto Clean: Saves You Time & Effort!

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With a single tap at the Auto Clean function key, Mini Multifunctional Steam Grill Oven will release hot steam to dissolve grease accumulated in the oven cavity, removing any food debris and odor to keep the oven cavity sparklingly clean.

You can also add in descaling agent to dissolve scale built-up. Cooking is so much more fun when you don’t have any tiresome scrubbing afterwards!

360° Even Heating: Perfect For Sous Vide Cooking & Double-Boiling Soup

Conventional ovens and stovetops only heat from one direction, and the heat often does not circulate evenly, causing the food to become overcooked on the outside but undercooked inside.

The all new German Pool  Mini Multifunctional Oven releases powerful steam that permeates every corner of the oven cavity, achieving an overall and consistent heating effect. The heat penetrates food evenly, yielding cooking results better than other cooking methods. With precise temperature control, sous vide cooking at 40°C or steaming at 100° high temperature have never been easier!

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