Italian Coffee Series

Portable Coffee Companion

Coffee & Tea Maker

Coffee & Tea Maker

Multi-Capsule Coffee Maker

Pure Indulgence in Mellow Flavours

Coffee Maker

Capsule Coffee Maker

Multi-Capsule Coffee & Tea Maker
3 compatible capsule adaptors for different capsule brands, coffee & tea
Multi-Capsule Coffee Maker
4 compatible capsule adaptors for different capsule brands, coffee pods & ground coffee
Multi-Capsule Coffee Maker
7 compatible capsule adaptors for different capsule brands, coffee pods & ground coffee
Cold Brew Coffee Maker

What is cold brew coffee? Cold brew coffee is essentially ground coffee soaked in cold water for extended hours*. This results in a round, fragrant and sweet taste. In hot summer time, it is a pleasure to savour in the smooth and pure cold brew coffee. Cold brew coffee has been trending in recent years and become one of the most popular types of coffee beverage.

Auto Chill Cold Brew Coffee Maker
Auto Chill 3D brewing technology extracts flavour completely
Vacuum Cold Brew Coffee Maker
Innovative vacuum extraction technology
Portable Coffee Maker

Whether you are on a business trip, at a picnic or enjoying outdoor sports, the perfect cup of beverage will always be at the ready. This lightweight and portable travel companion will satisfy your thirst for coffee or tea.

Portable Coffee & Tea Maker
Coffee capsules / coffee grounds /
tea leaves compatible. Non-electric
*Not every coffee capsule is compatible. Please consult the supplier to confirm, or sample the capsule of your choice at German Pool Cabinetry & Appliance Centres.

Electric Milk Frothers

Taste for more?Up your coffee game with a different feel and flavour everyday.The multifunctional electric milk frothers are perfect companion to coffee makers. Enrich your coffee with a taste of mellowness, in the form of a fluff of milk froth.

4-in-1 Milk Frother
Induction heating |
Removable jug
4-in-1 function: warm milk froth, cold milk froth, hot milk & hot beverages
IH technology
Creamy and silky milk foam
Removable jug for easy cleaning
3-in-1 Milk Frother
Otter rapid heating |
Cordless and sleek
3-in-1 function: warm milk froth, cold milk froth & hot milk
Otter rapid heating technology
Cordless design

Italian Coffee
Bio-Compostable Capsules Series

Our Italian-made bio-compostable coffee capsules are made from the finest organically grown coffee beans, with the sustainable farming certification from UTZ. From cultivation to roasting and packaging, every step is eco-friendly and socially responsible.

Italian Tea
Bio-Compostable Capsules Series

Tea For Peace & Serenity
A cup of tea is a cup of peace. Simply pop in a tea capsule or fill the adaptor with your favorite tea leaves, and allow yourself to immerse in the calming aroma and serenity provided by a cup of hot tea.

Italian Coffee Series

Beans Grounds

Other Products

Mini Blender
Grind coffee beans with ease
Electronic Food Scale
Precisely weigh coffee beans
USB Handheld Vacuum Sealer
Preserve the natural aroma of coffee beans

Capsules Series

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