Outdoor barbeque is obsolete. How about fumeless indoor BBQ?

The brand new Korean Barbecue Grill uses a 3-way infrared heating system to cook food without any cooking oil. The 'Sun-Ray' ridges on the grill pan guide excess fat into the oil reservoir to facilitate low-fat barbecuing, bringing you a healthy, fumeless and flameless indoor barbecue experience.

Halogen 3-way efficient heating

Infrared rays rapidly cook by way of heat conduction, convection and direct heat penetration. The excess fat in the food is forced out, waiving the need for additional cooking oil. What’s more, this way of cooking emits no harmful radiation in the process!
Heat Penetration
The heat energy emitted by the infrared rays can directly penetrate food for speedy cooking.
Heat Convection
Heat energy causes the air to stir and circulate. This enables effective heat convection.
Heat Conduction
The premium grill pan conducts heat rapidly to transmit heat directly onto the food.
The heat energy emitted by the infrared rays can directly penetrate food for speedy cooking.

Innovative Oil Drainage & Fumeless Design

The sun-ray ridges on the grill pan guides away the excess fat into the oil reservoir beneath the grill pan for healthier cooking and easier cleaning. The location of the upper heating element prevents excess fuming.
Innovative Grill Pan with Sun-ray Ridges
The grill pan features 'Sun-Ray' ridges which guide away excess fat along a gentle slope into the oil reservoir. The pan is coated with Teflon to make it non-stick and easy to clean.
Detachable Oil Reservoir
Simply pop the oil reservoir into its dedicated slot beneath the grill pan to collect excess grease. After use, simply tip away the excess fat. Simple!

Fumeless Indoor BBQ

The use of an upper element prevents fuming, which makes this indoor barbecue experience all the more cleaner and healthier.

Yummy & Fumeless BBQ Feast

With A Peace of Mind

Enjoy a fumeless, greaseless BBQ feast with the specially designed Stainless Steel BBQ Tongs its gripping ends lift up from the table when you leave it aside and savour your favourite meats!


360°Auto-Rotate Grill Pan

The 360° auto-rotate grill pan grills the food evenly. What's more, the automatic rotation makes sharing of food more convenient, and more fun!

User-Friendly Feature

Simplistic Temperature Knob
Detachable Oil Reservoir
‘Sun-ray’ ridged non-stick Teflon grill pan
Heating Inverter System
Three-Way Efficient Heating and Oil-Free Cooking
360° Auto-Rotate Grill Pan


Sun-ray Grill Pan
Heightening Ring
Oil Reservoir

Foldable Jet Steamer Videos


Rinse the grill pan with fairy liquid. Scrub gently with a sponge.
Clean the “Sun-ray” ridges.
Remove the oil reservoir and scrub with water and fairy liquid.

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How do I clean the body of Korean Barbeque Grill? Is there anything I have to pay extra attention?
Wipe the body of Korean Barbeque Grill with tissues or wet cloth. Be careful not to put your fingers into the hole at the bottom of the appliance when cleaning.
How to set up the Korean Barbecue Grill before use?
Place the grill pan and oil reservoir at the correct positions and switch on the power. The oil reservoir will make a "crack" sound if correctly installed. Wait for 5 minutes for the grill pan to heat up before grilling anything to ensure fast and thorough cooking.
The heating element of my Korean Barbeque Grill goes off and on again repeatedly. Is it faulty?
No, it is normal. The heating element goes off when the desired cooking temperature is reached. Once the temperature of the grill drops below the set temperature, the heating element will turn on again automatically. Please note that when the barbecue grill is heated at high temperature (over 2000C) for an extended period of time, the built-in overheat protection will be activated. User may turn off the grill for a moment. Once it is cooled down, the grill can be restarted again.
How does the Korean Barbeque Grill achieve the fumeless effect?
The heating element of Korean Barbeque Grill's prevents oil from dripping or overthrowing onto the heat source, avoiding excess fuming.
How does the Korean Barbeque Grill achieve healthy low-fat barbequing?
When heat penetrates food directly via heat penetration, convention and conduction, cooking can be done using the inherent fat content of the meat without the addition of cooking oil. Infrared heating can also force out fat inside food.
In case the heating element of Korean Barbecue Grill is broken, can I replace or repair it myself?
No. Do not detach any components by yourself. In the case of any product damage or breakdown, contact us and bring the product to our Repairs Centre for maintenance. We provide free check-ups and maintenace within the 1-year warranty period. Once the warranty expires, a small fee will be charged for any component replacement. Customers should never repair or replace any components by themselves. We take no responsibility for products being previously repaired by unauthorized parties.
How do I clean the stainless steel safety grille?
Clean with a damp cloth with mild detergent.
How do I clean the grill pan?
Clean with a damp cloth with mild detergent when the grill is still warm. If the stains have dried up, you may easily remove them by soaking the grill pan in water with mild detergent added for about 15 minutes. Then, rinse with clean water.
How do I clean the grill pan?
Clean with a damp cloth with mild detergent when the grill is still warm. If the stains have dried up, you may easily remove them by soaking the grill pan in water with mild detergent added for about 15 minutes. Then, rinse with clean water.
How do I clean the oil reservoir?
Detach the oil reservoir from the grill and remove the oil inside. Then wash the entire reservoir with mild detergent and warm water.

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Barbecued Beef Patties
Pan-fried Baby Oyster Omelette
Rainbow Skewers
Korean Pork Ribs with Cheese
Pan Fried Belacan Prawns
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Spicy Zhenjiang Chicken Wings
Chicken Kebab with Yogurt
Pita Bread with Chickpeas and Aubergine Sauce
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Beef and Vegetable Kebabs
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Hand-chopped Pork Patties with Salted Fish
Korean Roasted Squid
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