Tableware Harbouring Bacteria

Mind What You Eat

Research shows that the average kitchen sponge houses up to 362 different kinds of bacteria. Even with hot water and detergent, chances are your tableware still has germs on it, and the humid environment of the kitchen harbours bacteria growth on your tableware!
* Research report published by Hochschule Furtwangen University in "Science Reports" Journal, 2017

UVC + Ozone Dual Sterilization

Eliminates 99.99% Bacteria


UVC + Ozone Dish Sterilizer utilizes strong UVC of 253.7 nm wavelength to break down DNA structure of microorganisms on your tableware, effectively eliminating 99.99% common bacteria such as E.coli and S. aureus.


UVC + Ozone Dish Sterilizer’s ozone generator releases approx. 40mg ozone per hour, completely destroying bacteria cell body by oxidization. Ozone also eliminates odors.

Halogen Heat-drying Technology

Prevents Growth of Bacteria

UVC + Ozone Dish Sterilizer utilizes revolutionary halogen heat-drying technology to safely and efficiently dry tableware at a high temperature of 75°C, preventing bacteria from growing.

All Natural & Chemical-free

Safe for the Whole Family

Combination of UVC and ozone safely and completely disinfect tableware, making you free from toxic residuals or lingering odours.

Extra-large 100 L Capacity

UVC + Ozone Dish Sterilizer has a patented 2-tier design that fits in tableware of all shapes and sizes; extra-large 100 L capacity can hold up to 14 kg of tableware, clearing up more cupboard space for other usage.

Disinfection & Heat-Dry Combo

Full Electronic Control

UVC + Ozone Dish Sterilizer is designed with a chic touchscreen panel; simply select the smart mode to activate both disinfection and heat-dry modes automatically, or set the timer to 90, 60, 30 minutes for the two independent modes.

Standard Flush Inset Installation

No Need To Redo Your Cabinets

UVC + Ozone Dish Sterilizer has a perfect flush inset dimension of 595 x 595 mm and an elegant black design, allowing you to replace any old built-in appliance without having to renovate your kitchen cabinets, saving you renovation cost and time.

Thoughtful Design

Food Grade Stainless Steel Cavity

Food sterilizer interior and racks made of high quality stainless steel are durable, rustproof and easy to clean.

Sealed-off Design

Completely sealed-off design makes it anti-dust, anti-bugs & prevents UVC and ozone from leaking.

Safety Door Protection

When disinfection is in progress, the doors will automatically lock, ensuring UVC or ozone will not leak accidentally.

Touchscreen Panel

Smart mode, sterilization mode, dry-heating mode and timer all operated with a light touch.

Installation Diagram

Sterilizing Collection

German Pool Sterilizing Collection products are mostly natural, compact and smart. They protect you from germs and create a virus-free space to secure your health.

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UVC + Ozone Dish Sterilizer



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How does this product sterilize dishes?
UVC + Ozone Dish Sterilizer uses UVC of 253.7 nm wavelength and approximately 40mg ozone per hour to sterilize dishes.
Can I open the door of the dish sterilizer during operation?
Do not open the door during the process of ozone disinfection to avoid excessive leakage of ozone. The safety lock prevents the door from opening accidentally.
Can I take the dishes out immediately after sterilization?
Do not open the door of dish sterilizer immediately after sterilization. Wait for 20 minutes before opening the door to optimize the disinfection and let the ozone restore.
Can I put wet dishes into the dish sterilizer?
Yes, you can sterilize wet dishes in the dish sterilizer.