45 Centimeters of Kitchen Philosophy

Breaking the limitations of built-in home appliances, this 45 centimeter space saver was especially created for modestly sized kitchens. Combining multiple functions in one, maximizing the utility of even the smallest spaces. Professional performance brought into the home, with the added care and attention to detail.

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Water & Energy Efficient - Move Past Traditional Hand Washing

German Pool’s Slim Line Collection uses only 8 liters to finish its task, an astonishingly 13 times less than traditional hand washing. 34,675 liters* of water saved each year, awarded with the A+++ European Union’s energy efficient label.

* Hand wash uses 103 liters, uses 8 liters.

High Temperature Sterilization

40-70°C water effectively dissolves grease. Enhance dish soap cleaning power, effectively sterilizing all dishware.

Pristine Wash Technology

timer control combined with dishwasher agent removing grease. Allowing wine glass to shine with pristine.

30 Minute Quick Wash
Chop-Stick Holder
Extra-Long Preset Timer

Compact Build, Spacious Chamber

Slim 450 dish washer built with a large interior. Dual layer designed innovative basket system maximizing the space inside. Washing a 9 person load will be quick and simple.

3D Spray Technology Cleanse

Water shower Incorporated in the 3D Spray Technology for complete coverage of the dishwasher. Effectively cleaning dishes and utensils, leaving your kitchenware pristine and safe to use.

Adjustable Upper Basket Height

Easily adjust upper basket height, flexible to various needs, for even large pots and other kitchenware.

User-Friendly Features

3-tier Filtration System

Filtration system will filter leftover food particles, preventing blockage of the water pipe. It can be easily taken apart for cleaning.

Half Load Option for Efficiency

Water and dish soap can be adjusted accordingly, effectively reducing energy consumption and flexible for various needs.

Additional Door Panels Available (Two Colors)

You may spend $480 to upgrade your dishwasher with an additional door panel. Two colors which include wood grain and white are available.

Dishwasher Series

Wisdom in Small Kitchen

Every single piece from Slim Line Collection is awesome! It perfectly works well with each other, maximizing productivity as well as offering a complete culinary experience. Learn more about Slim Line that will inspire you to build your own kitchen. LEARN MORE

Installation Diagram

Blends in perfectly with your chic kitchen. Space-saving and aesthetically appealing.



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