Compact Yet Powerful

All new Slim Line Chimney Type Range Hoods with 495 and 595mm widths break traditional design. The slender body allows the range hood to fit into any kitchen. Tilted design extends exhaust power allowing for all-around clean.

Brand New Features

Multi-directional Exhaust

Tilted design positions range hood closer to source of smoke, fumes, multi-directional exhaust for all-around clean.

Grease Filtration System

Specially designed filtration system for grease removal, expelling unwanted particles for clean air.

Adjustable 3 Speed Settings

Low speed setting for quiet operation and low energy consumption, high speed for powerful exhaust.

Efficient LED Lighting

More efficient & durable than traditional Halogen lighting, without the reduced lighting effect.

User-Friendly Features

Powerful Extraction

Exhaust Volume up to 350m³/hr

Digital Display

Push Button for Simple Operation

Precise Timer

60 min Timer and 1 min Power Off Delay

Installation Diagram

Design perfectly integrates the refrigerator with your modern kitchen.

We provide professional installation service. Click here for more details



Functions & Features

WiFi Connection



More Details


Why is the DESIGNER Series of the European Series Range Hood showing error codes "F" and "A"?
"F" indicates that the aluminium oil strainer is filthy. Long press the light button (the leftmost button) for 5 second after cleaning to eliminate the error code. "A" means the activated carbon need to be replaced. Long press the light button (the leftmost button) for 5 second after replacement to eliminate the error code.
The performance of my Range Hood does not seem to be very satisfactory. Why and how can I improve it
Your Range Hood may have been installed at a position that is too high or distant from the source of fumes. Contact a licensed technician to re-position it.
Is it necessary to use activated carbon in DESIGNER Series of the European Series Range Hood?
Customers do need not to use activated carbon in Hong Kong. Or else the performance of range hood will be affected. European customers have to use activated carbon in most cases since oil hoses are not connected to the range hoods.

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