Getting Rid of Fume and Smoke Thoroughly

The brand new WRZ Range Hood series is equipped with a rectification plate that applies the principal of heat convection to efficiently ventilate surrounding fume and smoke. With the heat-activated Thermo-Sense function, the range hood can detect surrounding temperature and run automatically when necessary. It also comes with automatic heat cleaning capability and LED night light function.

Directional Current Rectification

The specially designed rectification plate uses the principal of heat convection to increase the concentration of current rectification and exhaust volume.

All-Round Ventilation

The directional current rectification technology increases the exhaust volume and extracts fumes from different directions. All-around ventilation is hence achieved.

Patented Super Cyclone Technology

In “Turbo Mode”, the motor can automatically accelerate to fight against external air pressure.

Other Range Hoods

Venting power quickly decreases whenever there is air pressure pushing from the outside

WRZ Range Hood Series

The patented motor accelerates automatically whenever it encounters external air pressure

Other Range Hoods

Sucking power decreases with the turns and bends in the duct.

WRZ Range Hood Series

Venting power increases with the turns and bends in the duct.

Brand New Features

Auto Heat Cleaning

With its auto heat cleaning capability, keeping the hood clean becomes as easy as a breeze.

Seamless Hood Body

State-of-the-art fabricating technology helps make the hood body absolutely seamless.

“Thermo-Sense” Auto Start

When WRZ detects a temperature of 55-60°C under the hood, it will automatically run for approximately 3 minutes.

LED Lighting with 0.25W Auto Night Light

LED lighting is energy-saving and offers great brightness. When it is dark, LED will even light up at its 20% normal brightness (approx. 0.25W) and function as a night light.

5-Year Warranty On Motor

The patented Tornado motor comes with an anti-resistance acceleration system. The motor produces powerful extraction force and comes with a 5-year warranty.

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What is the recommended height for Range Hood installation?
The recommended height for Range Hood positioning is 700±50mm from the furnace surface.
How to reduce oil leakage of my Range Hood?
Check if the oil collection cup is full. After cooking is finished, keep the range hood running for about 10 minutes in order to prevent oil from accumulating inside.
The light is on but the fan/motor is not running. Why?
Remove any obstruction from the fan wheel may just solve the problem. Or if there is a burnt fuse, damaged motor or other broken part, contact a licensed technician for a repair or replacement.
There is vibration in the Range Hood. What is going on?
Inproper installation of the hood body, or unstable fan wheel and motor position all may contribute to vibration. Re-install or adjust the position of fan wheel and motor may solve it. When fan wheel is damaged and become imbalanced, contact a licensed te
Why do I find no oil in the oil collection cups but on the edges of the Range Hood panel?
The Range Hood might not be properly installed. The front of the unit must be slightly tilted up in order to let the oil flow down to the collection cups, which are located at the back of the unit. Please contact a licensed technician to re-install the ho
There is air return of the range hood. Why?
Air blocked by air damper at exhaust outlet causes air return.
The performance of my Range Hood does not seem to be very satisfactory. Why and how can I improve it
Your Range Hood may have been installed at a position that is too high or distant from the source of fumes. Contact a licensed technician to re-position it.
The Range Hood or its light does not turn on after I switch on the power, what should I do?
First, make sure whether the power is properly connected. If so, check and see if the light bulb needs a replacement. If the power cable is torn or not appropriately connected, contact a licensed technician to repair or replace it.
Why does my range hood operate at one speed and not at another?
Malfunction of the on/off switch or improper connection of the circuit can be the cause of this problem. Contact a licensed technician for a repair or replacement.
How to remove tape stain on my Range Hood?
Wipe in one direction with alcohol or auto-polish cleans.