Perfect Combination with Steam Grill Oven

For an Instant Kitchen Upgrade

Especially designed for use with built-in steam grill oven, the compact Built-in Dish Warmer can be installed beneath a steam grill oven for an instant kitchen upgrade, letting your kitchen look chic while keeping your food and dishes warm and hygienic.

Beautiful Flush Inset Design

No Need for Reconstruction

Install the Built-in Dish Warmer together with a steam grill oven, and their combined height of 595 mm perfectly replaces the size of a standard built-in oven, saving you the money and effort of reconstructing your kitchen cabinet.

Extra-Wide Temperature Control

Precision Warming of Food and Utensils

Built-in Dish Warmer creates a gentle warming environment with the optimum 30-70˚C temperature range, preserving food and utensils in their best condition for you to enjoy the perfect dining experience each and every time.

Brilliant and Hygienic Way to Defrost

Saving You Cooking Time

Different foods need different defrosting times. Simply set the optimal temperature between 30-70˚C and let your food defrost in a fast and hygienic manner, saving cooking time as well.

Slim and Chic Design

With 25 KG Massive Capacity

The Built-in Dish Warmer is sleek and slim, yet its massive 25 KG storage capacity can house up to 60 cups or multiple sets of dishware and utensils at the same time, helping you make use of every inch of valuable kitchen space.

Installation Diagram

Notes for Installation: For ventilation and heat dissipation, please allow enough room (≥250 mm in height) underneath the unit,
and it is necessary to reserve air inlet and outlet during installation.



Functions & Features

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