Powerful UVC Sanitization

Sanitizes the air blown out

Sanitizes the air blown out

Strong UVC quickly and efficiently destroys microorganism’s DNA structure, killing bacteria inside the dehumidifier and prevents the formation of mildew. UVC* disinfection can be activated with one simple tap on the Control Panel.

* Test report: SHES201002131571 (SGS)

Advanced Anion

Air Purification

Advanced anion technology generates negative ions to bond with pollutant particles in the air and weigh them down, effectively diluting pollutant concentration and improving indoor air quality.


Grade 2 energy efficiency

Grade 2 energy efficiency

Certified Grade 2 energy efficiency by Hong Kong’s Electrical and Mechanical Services Department (EMSD), this dehumidifier rids your room of excess dampness with less electricity, caring both the environment and your wallet.

Five Major Modes

Five Major Modes

While UVC and anion purification can be used separately, they also work well with the five major modes of the dehumidifier, ranging from Auto, Dehumidifying, Fan and Drying to ECO, to ensure a comfortably dry living space all-day.


Auto Humidity Control

Auto Humidity Control

Under Auto mode, the dehumidifier detects indoor ambient changes and adjusts to an optimal wind speed and a pre-set humidity from 35% to 85%, giving you the environment you desire.

Sleek & Compact

Sleek & Compact

For the Modern Home

For the Modern Home

Rocking a slim body, this compact humidifier is ideal for bedrooms, living rooms, and many other corners of your sweet home. Have it by your side when you’re working, sleeping, or just chilling!

How Compact are All These Features?

How Compact are All These Features?

Thoughtful Designs

Continuous Dehumidification

Attach the supplied pipe to the machine, and room can be kept consistently dry without having to repetitively empty the water tank.

Quiet Operation

At only 42 dB, DHM-706S is whisper quiet, providing dry and serene comfort.

Anti-mold Air Cleaning Filter

Anti-mold filter effectively filtrates impurities and prevents odors, keeping air clean and fresh.

Automatic Defrost Function

Auto defrost function ensures DHM-706S operates perfectly in low temperature.

Timer Function

24-hr on and off timers for hassle-free dehumidification and air purification.

Movable Design

The movable design makes the bathroom heater suitable to be used anywhere in your home.


Drain Pipe

Sterilizing Collection

German Pool Sterilizing Collection products are mostly natural, compact and smart. They protect you from germs and create a virus-free space to secure your health.

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The Dehumidifier suddenly stops running. What happened?
Possible reasons are improper power connection, a full or misplaced water tank, or an ambient temperature above 40°C.
The Dehumidifier does not start even though it is connected to the power outlet. Why?
The filter, air inlet or air outlet may be blocked. Clean the filter and remove clutters at the air outlet as per instructions in the manual.
Why does the Dehumidifier go on and off?
The dehumidifier stops when the humidity in the room falls too low, or when the ambient temperature is too high or too low.
Can I dry my laundry with the dehumidifier?
Yes. Simply adjust the humidity level to 50%.
The Dehumidifier makes very loud noise. How do I fix it?
The device may be placed unevenly, or have the filter clogged up. Keep level and clean the filter as per the manual's instructions.
How often should I empty the water tank of dehumidifier?
It depends on dehumidifying power and capacity. We recommend using a hose for continuous drainage in a humid environment.