Slim & Compact Bladeless Tower Fan with Powerful Airflow

2022-06-30 New Share

The art of picking a fan is not easy to master! With limited space at home, the ideal fan should not be bulky. It should also be quiet enough for bedtime use with powerful airflow. If it is energy-saving (save money as well), then it will be a bonus! Unfortunately, not a single fan on the market can suit all these criteria…

The brand-new SlimTower Bladeless Fan (EFB-530) might be the perfect answer! The patented stylish design features a base that can fit into any corners. Equipped with brushless DC motor, it produces extra-cool breeze quietly with high energy-efficiency. It certainly meets all of your demands!

SlimTower Patented Slender Design: Fit into Any Tight Corner

The new SlimTower Bladeless Fan (EFB-530) is ultra-slim with a definitely space-saving base – its diameter is just 27cm. The cylindrical narrow and long air outlet is a breakthrough from conventional bulky fans, so that the fan can be placed at wall corners or space next to sofa, making good use of every inch of space in the cozy home. The metallic-grey base matches the minimalist bladeless design of the fan. It not only fits into the aesthetic of modern interior design, but is also easy to clean – as it can avoid weakened airflow due to dust accumulation and complicated disassembling steps while cleaning.

Highest Standard BLDC Motor: Ultra-Cool, Ultra-Quiet & Energy-saving

SlimTower Bladeless Fan (EFB-530) is equipped with premium quality brushless DC motor with magnetic field sensors. BLDC motor is smaller, lighter and more efficient that conventional brushed motors, making the fan more energy-saving, silent and durable. With 8 breeze levels, the intensity of the air current can be easily adjusted. Switching between soft breeze and powerful flow is convenient. The operating power of SlimTower Bladeless Fan (EFB-530) is just 30W, while the minimal operating noise is 51 dB. Off-timer can be set at up to 7.5 hours. These features would guarantee a good sleep at night.

Aerodynamic Design: Air Compression Producing Strong Airflow

SlimTower Bladeless Fan (EFB-530) utilizes air jet technology. Air is drawn in and compressed at the base then pushed upwards and blown out through the aerodynamically designed 70cm aluminum air outlet, delivering strong airflow and sweeping out heat swiftly. With 90° oscillation, breeze is delivered further and wider than most conventional fans, rapidly and effectively cooling the whole room, and facilitating air circulation. On very hot days, the fan can be used with air-conditioner. The combination is the most energy-saving way to maintain room temperature. Based on the government’s advice, set air-con to 25.5°C and turn on SlimTower Bladeless Fan (EFB-530) for wide angle cooling. Then you can enjoy cool comfort in every corner without high electric bills!