Highest Standard

Direct Current Brushless Motor

Equipped with the highest quality Brushless Direct Current (BLDC) motor and magnetic field sensing elements, the SlimTower is more durable, energy-efficient and silent than fans with conventional brushed motors.

90° Wide Angle

Delivering Breeze Broader & Further

With 90° oscillation, the fan delivers breeze to a wider area than conventional fans and facilitates air circulation, keeping the room refreshingly cool.

Air Compression Technology

Producing Strong Air Current

Air is drawn in and compressed at the base then pushed upwards and blown out through the aerodynamically designed 70cm aluminum air outlet, delivering strong wind.

Best Partner of Air Conditioner

Go Green Comfortably

When the fan is used together with air conditioner, cool air is evenly distributed to every corner. Simply set your AC to 25.5°C and enjoy cool comfort without high electric bills.

Slim Patented Design

Space-Saving for Chic Homes

The ultra-slim design of a cylindrical narrow and long air outlet and a base with 27cm diameter gets rid of conventional limitations and can be used in narrow places such as corners. The black minimalist stylish look is an inevitable choice for a chic home.

Magnetic Holder for Remote Control

Wireless remote control included. Top portion is designed as remote control storage. Convenient to store and use.

Thoughtful Design

8 Breeze Levels

From gentle soft breeze to strong cooling wind, enjoy comfortably.

7.5 Hour Off-Timer

Set the timer before sleep, relax and have a sweet dream.

Bladeless Design

Safe for children and makes for effortless cleaning.

Quiet & Energy-Saving

At only 30W, the SlimTower is energy-saving with low noise level at 51dB.

Wireless Remote Control

Control the fan without leaving your seat.

Magnetic Holder

Place remote control on the magnetic holder at the top.


Remote Control



Functions & Features

WiFi Connection



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How should I clean the air in/outlets of a bladeless fan?
Use a soft brush or vacuum cleaner.
Do I have to clean bladeless fan?
Yes. Check the air inlet and the air outlet for free flow.Eliminate contamination such as dirt or dust particles with a soft brush.
Can I use alcohol or alkaline cleansers to clean this product?
DO NOT use banana oil, naphtha, alcohol, kerosene, benzine, abrasive powders, alkaline cleansers or harsh brush.
Why my fan suddenly works when using remote control of other electrical appliance?
Other appliances may work when using remote control of this fan. This is due to the overlap of frequencies.
How to cancel timer function?
Touch and hold timer button for 3 seconds to cancel timer.
Where can I buy a replacement remote control?
Please contact our CS centre.