Electronic Healthy Slow Cooker GMD-305

For The Betterment Of Your Health

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Deluxe Delicacy Cooker

Slow Cooker - Delicacy Cooker / Health Cooker

German Pool Slow Cooker embraces Chinese herbology and modern nutrition science with new cooking technology, fully releasing food flavour and nutrients by constant gentle heat. Enjoy wholesome soups and tenderly stewed delicacies at the simple touch of a button.

Deluxe Delicacy Cooker
Smart preset programs for precision cooking, Cordyceps and Bird’s Nest ready with one touch.
400 W | Automatic Warming Function|8 Preset Functions
SCB-100sold out
180 W | 8 Hours Warming Function|6 Preset Functions
SCB-103sold out
180 W | 12 Hours Warming Function|7 Preset Functions
Healthy Slow Cooker
Gentle & even stewing fully release food essence, best for herbal soups, congee, stews and braises.
5 L | 3 Heating Modes | 24 Hours Timer
GMD-50sold out
5 L | 2 Heating Modes | Control Turn Knob

Body Replenishment

We are what we eat. By having a nutritious diet, we replenish what our bodies lack and hence boost our immunity, reinforce our systems and prevent illnesses. It is widely believed that low-cooked soups are one of the easiest and most effective ways for us to absorb nutrients and body fluids.