Double-boil Soup

Cooking at stable temperature can prevent excessive vaporization


Full in taste, smooth in texture

Herbal Medicine

Enhance the therapeutic effect of food

Steam Fish

Maintain the fresh taste of seafood

Braise Meat

Extract essence of meat ingredients

Bird’s Nest

Fully preserve nutritious values of bird’s nest

Ginseng & Cordyceps

For a much healthier diet, improve body’s immune system by taking ginseng & cordyceps

Quick one touch button for Cordyceps and Bird’s Nest

The key to beautifully cooking luxury Cordyceps and Bird’s Nest is dependent on controlling the heat. German Pool’s Deluxe Delicacy Cooker is able to stew these ingredients perfectly controlling the process with just a touch. With 7 preset functions anyone can perfect these dishes.

Highly Recommended by Good Cheap Eats 8
“Good Cheap Eats 8”, hosted by Maria Cordero, brilliantly showcases a series of brand new German Pool kitchen appliances. With the help of them, Maria transforms simple food to luxury dishes by using fresh, economical, and quality ingredients.

Extracting the Essence with Precision

Extracting the Essence with Precision

The ingredients are stewed gently in a water bath with the added precision of a digital timer. Slow cooking preserves the nutrients while fully extracting the essence, nourish the body with perfectly cooked ingredients.

360 full penetration heat circulation
Stable and gentle water bath
Dual protection locking in the nutrients

Full digital control

Full digital control

The 'Quick Function Keys' make it easy to create a variety of dishes. With the adjustable timer cooking can be adjusted to suit any preference. The water dry out prevention feature is an added precaution to ensure home safety.

Quality cooker and accessories

Accessorized with one large and two mini stew pots, the high quality material does not absorb food smells. Its large capacity is perfect for the entire family.

Large Stew Pot: 1.8L

(approx. 5-6 servings)

Mini Stew Pot: 0.5L x2

(approx. 2 servings)

*The servings are for reference only and the actual amount depends on the quantity of ingredients

High Quality White Porcelain

The stewed pot is made of high-quality white ceramic. The material is resistant to ultra-high temperature. Does not absorb food smell and is very easy to clean.

4-Season Delicacy Cookbook is here!

German Pool Happy Kitchen Team presents you this bilingual cookbook which comes with 35 different food recipes on slow-cooked luxury delicacies. With the help of Deluxe Delicacy Cooker, you will experience the ease of preparing deluxe delicacy in the comfort of your home.

Foldable Jet Steamer Videos

User-Friendly Features

Transparent Glass Lid

Clearly monitor cooking with the transparent glass lid

12 hours smart preset timer

The preset timer allows users to select when it starts cooking. Choose exactly when you want to start cooking.

Heat-resistant Handle

Lift the lid off with one hand and enjoy a delicious hot meal without burning your fingers.

12 hours warming function

The warming feature will keep foods at 60~80°C for up to 12 hours, allowing you to enjoy warm and delicious food at any time.

Water dry out prevention

Stainless steel base heating, water drying out will automatically turn off the machine.

Heat resistant material

The stew pots are made of heat-resistant, safe and durable material.


1 Large Stew Pot

2 Mini Stew Pots

1 Cook Book

1 Plate Lifter

1 Steam Rack

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How much water can I pour into the glass container?
Please keep water level 2 cm or more below the top of the glass container. Otherwise, boiling water may overflow.
Can I fill the glass container directly with hot water?
Please warm up the container first by adding 1 inch of warm water before hot water.
Can I use the Healthy Slow Cooker to boil water?
No, it is not recommended.

Selected Recipes

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Sweet Lotus Seed Soup with Herba Taxilli
Chicken Feet & Chestnut Soup
Chicken Soup with Walnut & Coconut
Longan & Chinese Wolfberry Soup
Sugar Cane & Sweet Corn Soup
Chinese Herbs & Japanese Curry Soup
Kudzu & Lentil Soup
Five Spices New Year Tea Eggs
Sweet Potato Soup
Sweet Lily Bulb & Red Date Dessert
Papaya & Chicken Feet Soup
Tendon & Chestnut Soup