Boil & keep warm in 1 kettle

With the 2 in 1 Vacuum Water Kettle, boiling and insulation is done in one go.




Heat water the new way

Adjust between 40 to 100°C, heat, and keep water warm for 12 hours. Check current water temperature to avoid re-boiling, too.

2 in 1 Vacuum Water Kettle

Boil water and maintain the same heat for 4 hours. Keep warm in vacuum for another 8 hours.

Regular vacuum flask

Does not boil water nor maintain constant temperature.

Graphs are for reference only.

12-hour dual thermal insulation

Keep your water warm longer with dual thermal insulation. Water is automatically heated up for 4 hours when lower than the preset temperature. The heat will then be maintained by vacuum insulation without power for 8 hours*.

4-hour electric regulation
8-hour vacuum insulation

* Tests show that vacuum insulation lasts 8 hours (≥59°C). Results may vary due to the temperature set, surrounding temperature, and volume of water. Tests took place in room temperatures of 29°C, using water of 100°C.

Strix fast heating

Vacuum insulation, combined with Strix heating technology, boils water rapidly to save you time.

Efficient vacuum insulation

The vacuum between the 2 layers of stainless steel in the kettle prevents heat loss. Even without power, the heat lasts up to 8 hours. Enjoy warm water whenever and wherever you please.
Outer wall Heat resistant
Vacuum Layer Prevent heat loss
Inner Layer FDA approved Stainless Steel

Precise control down to 5°C

Simply tap buttons to precisely adjust the water temperature 5°C up or down between 40 and 100°C. You can heat up water to a suitable temperature to make the desired drink.


Honey Water


Milk powder




Puer Tea

User-Friendly Features

Cordless Kettle

Independent power stand, cordless kettle design, making filling and pouring easier.

Multi-safety Protection mechanisms

304 stainless steel in the kettle interior does not leach odour and heavy metals.

Simple Controls

Simple button controls, combined with LCD monitors, clearly displays the water temperature and other function displays.

Heat resistant handle

The handle of the kettle uses heat insulating and slip-proof material, making it easier to use.

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Can I brew tea and make soup with the Cordless Temperature Control Vacuum Kettle?
Please boil water to desired temperature, and then pour to other container. Do not put ingredients other than water such as tea leaves and powder in the kettle.
I can't restart the Cordless Temperature Control Vacuum Kettle after boiling. What should I do?
For safety concern, the kettle can be restarted only when the temperature inside is below 90°C. It takes about 25 minutes to recover depending on the environment.