Air Jet Compression Technology

Air is drawn through the air hole to increase water pressure, bringing you the most comfortable showering experience with reduced water consumption.

Adjustable Showerhead Holder

The flexible holder can be adjusted in different angles, allowing easy placement.

Applicable to All German Pool Electric Water Heaters

Applicable to All German Pool
Electric Water Heaters

The Water & Energy Saving Aerated Showerhead immediately upgrades your German Pool Electric Water Heaters, improving your showering comfort while saving energy.

With Recognition from Water Services Department

Less Water, Same Comfort

As a Merit Award receiver in the Innovative Water Efficient Showerhead Design Competition 2020, this showerhead is modelled to save water, electricity and time. An ultra-low water output of 3.8 L/min gives you the same shower comfort using only half as much water.

*An average showerhead outputs 9 L/min

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Water & Energy Saving Aerated Showerhead



Functions & Features

WiFi Connection




Leakage is found on my water heater. How to fix it?
Check the location of leakage and make adjustments or repair depending on the situation.
Why is my Rapid Fast Flow Electric Water Heater not producing any cold water but only hot water?
The Rapid Fast Flow Electric Water Heater is not out of order. Cold water does not go through the inside of the heater.
Why is the water heater making noise?
The noise comes from the operating sound of the heating elements. Also, when the water pressure is unstable, the water heater tends to make noise.
How to make my water heater last longer?
Avoid boiling water without interval. Adjust the Thermostat to 2 1/2.
Why is my Rapid Fast Flow Electric Water Heater noisy?
The water heater is noisy due to gasification. Release hot water inside the heater to force out the air.
There is no hot water supply. What should I do?
Check the power supply and whether the Power Switch lights, etc.
Why is the water coming out from my water heater sometimes hot and sometimes cold?
1. Abnormal pressure of incoming water. 2. Other water outlet(s) in the house is(are) open and competing for water.