Keeps Food Fresh for Longer

Automatic Vacuum & Seal

All new German Pool Vacuum Sealer with 55 kPa super strong vacuum sealing power locks out moisture and air while sealing in freshness and flavor. The Vacuum Sealer protects dried delicacies from mould, prevents vegetables from enzymatic browning, and keeps food fresher for a longer time. It's also perfect for sous vide slow cooking, storing cooked food, marinating meats and pickling vegetables.

USB Rechargeable

Built-in 1500 mAh li-ion battery charges by USB, so you can use it freely even when no electric socket is nearby.

One-Touch Vacuum & Seal

One touch control is super easy to use, simply press High, Low or Seal Mode to select the vacuum sealing intensity you need.

Auto Mode

Perfect for food that are hard such as dried delicacies, grains, fresh meat and seafood.

Manual Mode

Perfect for saucy foods, fresh vegetables, fluffy breads and food that may crumble.

Seal Mode

Perfect for sealing potato chip and other snack bags to keep your snacks from going soggy.

Vacuum Sealing As Simple As 123

Place food in vacuum bag(1)
Place bag in the vacuum sealer and press on both sides to lock the flap of the vacuum sealer
Select mode and Vacuum Sealer will vacuum or seal accordingly

Notes (1)

Extends Shelf Life of Food

Vacuum sealing food can lock out moisture and air, inhibiting growth of germs and microbes, preventing food from going stale and mouldy, keeping food fresher for 3-5 times longer.

Your Perfect Sous Vide Partner

Use Vacuum Sealer together with German Pool Sous Vide Pro Slow Cook Circulator to create Michelin-star cuisines easily at home! Vacuum-seal slow cooking slows down food oxidation and prevents food fibres from being damaged, retaining food flavors and nutrients, cooking food to succulent perfection.

For Hygienic & Easy Food Storage

Vacuum sealing food items not only makes for easier storage and saves refrigerator and pantry space, it also prevents raw and cooked food from cross-contamination, spills and mingling of different food smells.

Prepacking Foods Made Easy

Cook a big batch in one go, then vacuum seal into individual portions and store in the freezer. Perfect for packing lunches or whipping up a quick dinner after a hard day at work.

External Vacuum Tube

Compatible with Store-bought Vacuum Containers(2)

Connect one end of tube to port at the back of unit.
Fit the other end into air valve of container.
Choose Manual or Auto to start.
Remove vacuum tube when done.

Notes (2)

Thoughtful Design

One-Touch Speedy Vacuum Seal

Simply press a button and vacuum seal is complete in approx. 15 seconds.

Extra Wide Sealing Strip

30 cm extra wide sealing strip can fit most vacuum bags(3) on the market.

Complimentary Mini Bag Cutter

Mini cutter with safety design is fitted onto the back of the Vacuum Sealer for easy slitting of sealed bags.

Double Safety Lock Mechanism

Safety locks on both sides have to be pressed down simultaneously in order to open or lock the upper flap of the vacuum chamber, preventing mishaps.


External Vacuum Tube

Mini Cutter

Cordless Vacuum Sealer Video



Functions & Features

WiFi Connection



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Why does the Vacuum Sealer not start vacuuming/sealing after I press the buttons?
Only when the Vacuum Sealer is locked firmly will it start functioning. When closing the upper flap of the Vacuum Sealer, please ensure a click sound is heard.
When storing moist and juicy food, what should I note?
Please freeze the wet food first and avoid overfilling. This is to prevent liquid from getting into the Vacuum Sealer and damaging the device.
When storing powdery or fine-grained food, what should I note?
Do not overfill vacuum bags, in order to prevent food particles or crumbs from entering the Vacuum Sealer and damaging the device.
What food can the Vacuum Sealer seal?
Different kinds of food, including meat, fish, seafood, dried nuts, dried delicacies, snacks, marinated food, soup ingredient pack, etc.
Can the Vacuum Sealer help prevent food from turning bad?
Yes, it prevents food from going stale because it can vacuum seal food in bags and block out moisture and air.
After sealing food for a few days, vacuum bag inflates. What should I do?
If vacuum bag inflates because there are holes or damage on the bag, please change the vacuum bag. It could also be caused by fresh vegetables or fruits in the bag; please rest assured that it is a natural phenomenon that the vegetables or fruits breathe and release gas in the bag.


(1) To be purchased separately.

(2) Vacuum containers have to be purchased separately. Air valve of containers should match the size of the end of the vacuum tube (diameter: 5mm).

(3) Choose special textured bag with sealed sides for vacuum use. General bags with smooth surface are only recommended for sealing without vacuuming.