Extends Shelf Life of Food

Vacuum sealing food can lock out moisture and air, inhibiting growth of germs and microbes, preventing food from going stale and mouldy, keeping food fresher for 3-5 times longer.

Your Perfect Sous Vide Partner

Use Vacuum Sealer together with German Pool Sous Vide Pro Slow Cook Circulator to create Michelin-star cuisines easily at home! Vacuum-seal slow cooking slows down food oxidation and prevents food fibres from being damaged, retaining food flavors and nutrients, cooking food to succulent perfection.

For Hygienic & Easy Food Storage

Vacuum sealing food items not only makes for easier storage and saves refrigerator and pantry space, it also prevents raw and cooked food from cross-contamination, spills and mingling of different food smells.

7 Layer Ultra-thick Design

Durable, pliable, leakproof and puncture-resistant, ensuring airtight seal of food items

Cut-To-Fit Size

Customize length to fit any food or item you store, enjoying more flexibility and minimizing wastage

Food Grade Materials

Made of PA and PE materials, non-toxic, anti-bacterial, and safe for food storage or sous-vide slow cooking

Pressed Diamond Design

Diamond textured bag surface provides a tighter vacuum-sealing effect than smooth sealer bags

Applicable to German Pool
Vacuum Sealer VSM Series



Functions & Features

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