1:1 Golden Rice Cooking Ratio

The German Pool Multifunction Rice Cooker allows you to make the perfect rice with the 1:1 golden ratio. By mixing 1 cup of rice with 1 cup of water, rice with the desired fluffiness and texture can be easily attained. The 9 exclusive rice cooking modes precisely control the cooking temperature and time depending on the type of rice.

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9 Exclusive Rice Cooking Modes

This slender and fragrant strain of rice has an al dente texture and an ivory color. Thai rice is grown in the northeastern region of Thailand, and has a natural hint of jasmine. Thai rice features a slim body and a smooth, moist surface.

Japanese rice has a pearly round shape and a rich and texture. This strain of rice is rich in protein and unsaturated fat. Slightly sticky but not too overwhelming, it is perfect for sushi making.

The northeastern part of China is especially suitable for rice growing, for the region experiences huge diurnal temperature variation. Chinese rice has a round shape. The cooked rice is deliciously translucent with a delicate texture.

The Science of Rice Cooking

9 Exclusive Rice Cooking Modes!

Water Absorption
The microcomputer adjusts the water absorption time according to the amount of rice.
The microcomputer controls the water absorption duration according to the portion. Amylase is activated and starch gelatinization is facilitated.
The microcomputer maintains the cook temperature at around 126-130°C. The 360° heat circulation heats the rice evenly.
Letting the Rice Sit
Letting the rice sit enhances aroma, chewiness and viscosity.
Keep Warm
The rice cooker is able to keep warm for up to 24 hours.

11 Default Programmes

The Multifunctional Rice Cooker comes with 11 default programmes, including Yogurt, Bread, Cake, Porridge, Steam, Soup, Boil, Simmer, Express, Auto-Clean and Manual. Activate auto-cooking simply by pressing a button.


Set the cook time and temperature manually to create different dishes with little effort!

Have your rice ready in 15 minutes. Suitable for busy office workers.

Time-saving stewing. The 3D warm keeping function ensures even heat distribution.

With the cook time accurately controlled by the microcomputer, the porridge is soft and tasty.

Slow-stewing means you do not have to constantly check on the cooking process. Full nutrients of food are preserved.

The Simmer mode prevents the loss of nutrients from overcooking.

Create fresh, additive-free homemade bread with this fully-automatic programme.

The 3D warm keeping function brings about an even baking result. Create different types of pastries simply by pressing this button.

Have a taste of fresh homemade yogurt to provide calcium to your body. This helps you get in shape while strengths your immune system!

Create the most delicious steamed dishes without having to check on the cooking process constantly.

Simply add water to clean and sterilize the appliance with steam.

62% Golden Water Absorption Ratio

Having the cook time and temperature precisely adjusted, acquiring the 62% golden water absorption ratio is a piece of cake. Each grain of rice is chewy, crystal-like and plump.

Curved Inner Pot Bottom

Heat is evenly distributed among grains of rice. The curve facilitates even heat convection. Having all the heat energy fully utilized, the rice cooker is energy-saving and able to perform prolonged high-temperature cooking.

Aluminium Heating Element

The 360° heat circulation evenly distributes heat, allowing rice to achieve the 62% golden water absorption ratio easily. Every grain of rice is plumper and more crystal-like!

3-Layered Inner Pot

Made with aluminium alloy, the highly conductive inner pot is wrapped by a non-stick coating. The ceramic nano glaze inner layer is highly insulating and scratch-resistant. The 3-layered inner pot is both durable and easy-to-clean.

Intelligent Memory Device

The Multifunctional Rice Cooker is able to complete the preset programme even after power has been cut off as long as power is resumed within 2 hours.

Operating Video Guide

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Cook process
Intelligent Memory Device


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How to use the built-in timer of the Multifunctional Rice Cooker?
Select the timer function, adjust time, and then start. Steps may slightly differ among models. Refer to manuals for details.
Can I adjust the cooking time?
No, you don't have to.
The Multi-Functional Rice Cooker automatically starts even when I have not set the appliance. Is there a malfunction in the rice cooker?
No. This is caused by the rice cooker's memory function. After the power is cut off, the appliance will automatically continue with the previous programme if the power resumes within 2 hours.
The Keep Warm function of the Multifunctional Rice Cooker sometimes starts automatically while sometimes has to be activated manually. Why?
The Keep Warm function only starts automatically when cooking temperature is 75℃or above. If cooking temperature is lower than 75℃, the Keep Warm function will not automatically activate.
Can this rice cooker be used to cook food items other than rice and congees?
Yes. Just use Steam mode, put on a steam rack, add water and cook for the appropriate time.
What is the best way to clean and maintain the Multifunctional Rice Cooker?
Power off and unplug the appliance. Detach the inner pot and clean it with water and detergent. Dry with a soft cloth. Remove the detachable aluminium cover lid and rinse with water. Dry with a soft cloth. Also remember to clean the steam outlet after use to prevent odour or malfunctioning. Store the appliance in a dry place when not in use.