Made with Germany Quality

Made with Germany Quality

German Pool’s new high-speed hand dryer is 100% made in Germany. Highly-efficient and environmentally friendly, this machine has won German VDE and European CE certification, and passed the EU RoHS environmental protection.

Rapid Hand Drying

Rapid Hand Drying

Eliminating the need for heating elements, the use of the ultra-high-speed motor produces airflow of up to 345 km/hr and 38 litres per second. Ensure dry hands in just 17 seconds.

Infrared Automatic Sensor

Infrared Automatic Sensor

The electronic sensor operates automatically, switch on with just a wave of your hands. The automatic function effectively improves energy efficiency and reduces waste.

IP23 protection rating

Obtained IP23 certification, it is dustproof and waterproof, and it is safer to use. Hand dryers are not easily damaged and are more durable.

Improve Restroom Hygiene

Efficient and quick-drying will keep your hands clean and hygienic. Reduce the growth of bacteria and the waste of paper.

Environmental Protection and Energy Saving

Environmental Protection
and Energy Saving

German-Pool high dryer reduces paper usage and consumes less energy than typical hand dryers. Power is only 1000W for, low energy consumption for a greener planet.

User-Friendly Features

Overheat Prevention and Automatic Power Off

Special overheating safety mechanism to power-off device, when the machine is overheated or the operation time is too long, the hand dryer automatically stops working to ensure safety.

Low noise design

It is quieter than normal hand dryers, producing a volume of only 69 decibels to minimize noise.

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Why does my hand dryer turn off for no reason?
May be the sensor is soiled or air intake grille is soiled.
Why doe the air output of hand dryer be insufficient?
Maybe the air intake grille is soiled.