Movable Design & Easy Installation


The hook allows easy mounting on towel rails, making the bathroom heater easy to install and dismantle.


The detachable metal rail is designed for drying towels and small clothing items, effectively reducing bacterial growth and odor.


The two heating modes with the independent cooling fan function effectively produce warm air as well as facilitate air circulation.

Three Operation Modes

While seasons do come and go, the Portable Bathroom Heater keeps your bathroom always comfortable. Wave goodbye to chilly winter showers or crazily sweaty ones in summer!

IP 23 Dust & Water
Resistant Rating

The Portable Bathroom Heater effectively resists direct splashing and is also dust-resistant, making the heater extra-safe to use in every corner of your home, especially the bathroom.

Remarkable Features

Keep Your Loved Ones Warm

Portable bathroom heater always keeps your loved one warm even in cold weather. It can be moved to anywhere in dining room or bedroom and preheat bathroom and towel for toddlers, elderly, pets, etc for a better sleep.

User-Friendly Features

Dustproof Filter

Effectively filters harmful substances such as dust, bringing about fresh indoor air.

Movable Design

The movable design makes the bathroom heater suitable to be used anywhere in your home.

Multifunctional Remote Control

Comes with a convenient smart-control timer with 4 clock settings.

Built-In Cooling Fan

The cooling fan will operate as long as the PTC heating element is activated, ensuring the heater’s durability.

Safety Protection

1 Overheating Protection Circuit

2 Fire-Resistant Material

3 Auto Timer

Bathroom Heater Comparison
  • 3 installation ways: hook-mounting, wall-mounting, free-standing
  • Detachable and movable
  • Support wall-mounting only
  • Difficult to disassemble after installation
  • With high power and low power heating modes and independent cooling fan mode
  • 4-level timer
  • For getting warm only
  • Manually turned on/off. No timer provided
  • The PTC heating element generates heat rapidly while ensuring the heater’s durability
  • Heating element is made of either quartz or metal, that causes low energy efficiency and low durability.
  • Made of heat resistant and fire retardant materials
  • Overheating protection circuit with IP23 dust & water resistant
  • Without safety protection
  • Hidden safety problem because of poor water resistance
  • Ideal for different types of bathrooms, bedrooms and offices due to its movable and lightweight design
  • Detachable metal rail for towel drying purpose
  • Smart remote control
  • Sizeable, can be installed solely in one room
  • Without metal rail
  • On-off switch is mounted on the body


Bathroom Heater


Bathroom Heater


Metal Rail

Convenient for hanging towels and small clothing

Remote Control

Full-function wireless control for extra portability

Hooking Device

Easy mounting on towel rails

Wall Mounting Device

Quick and stable mounting on walls or other surfaces

Portable Bathroom Heater



Functions & Features

WiFi Connection



More Details


What is the best way to install the Detachable Metal Rail of the Portable Bothroom Heater?
Insert the ends of the metal rail into the slots located on the two sides of the air vent, then pull gently while wriggling until it is securely fixed. Gently push while wriggling the metal rail to detach it.
Is there anything I have to pay attention to when installing the Portable Bathroom Heater on the wall?
Drill two 6 mm-holes (29 mm in depth) on the wall. The distance between them should be 74 mm. Insert the screw plugs into the holes. Then, insert the screws through the wall hook and then the screw plugs. Tighten the screws. Finally, attach the appliance onto the hook. If you would like to have your bathroom heater be installed by a technician, please contact our customer service team. Attention: The power cord of the Portable Bathroom Heater cannot be extended.
What is the best way to clean and maintain the Portable Bathroom Heater?
Wipe the surface with a soft cloth. If the surface is too dirty, wipe with a mixture of water below 50°C and neutral detergent. Let it air-dry. Attention: Do not clean the appliance with chemicals such as petrol, thinner and diluents or the surface can be blemished.
Why does the heater go on and off?
When the appliance is tilted, the switch will pop out and cut off electricity connection for safety.
How long is the cord of the Portable Bathroom Heater?
The cord is 160cm long. The Heater also comes with a IR remote control, so it's easy to place and operate in most locations.
Is there anything I have to pay attention to when storing the Portable Bathroom Heater?
Make sure the appliance has cooled down and dried properly before packing it for storage. Activate the cooling fan for 1-3 minutes to cool down the heater before powering off. Store it in a dry and ventilated place.
What is IP23 rating?
IP23 means protection against objects with diameter larger than 12.5 mm and spraying water.
Why does the heater stop operation?
If the heater has been in operation for long hours, or when tipover or overheating occurs, it may stop operation.
Does the dust-proof filter of the Bathroom Heater need to be replaced?
No need. Just take it out when dust accumulates, brush clean and install it back.
Is the Bathroom Heater capable of sanitising towels or small garments?
The Bathroom Heater can blow dry towels with its heat outlet. Dryer fabrics make it harder for germs and moulds to grow and for odours to develop, thus inhibiting microbial growth.
What is the maximum time the heater can operate?
It is safe to operate for a long period of time. However, do not leave it unattended.
What is the best way to clean and maintain the heater?
Wipe the surface with a soft cloth.
Can this heater run standalone, without a power connection?
No. You need a power supply from an outlet.