German Pool awarded the "Hong Kong Tourism's Top 10(Retail Category)"

2018-06-15 Corporate Share

German Pool won the recognition of Chinese tourists due to the dedication of high quality products, services, hardware development, stylish multi-functional appliances and high-end custom kitchen cabinets. As a strong and successful import and export company in Hong Kong, it has won numerous awards on various platforms gaining recognition and a strong reputation.

  • (L)Hong Kong Tourism's Top 10(Retail Category) Ceremony was organized by the Committee of the "2018 Belt & Road International Tourism Forum on New Business Opportunities". It was held at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre on June 14th. Our company was awarded the Hong Kong’s Top 10.
  • (R)The Vice President of German Pool (Hong Kong) Limited and the Director of the German Pool Group Company Limited, Ms Karen Chan, the Justice of Peace, received the " Hong Kong’s Top 10 Retail in Tourism ".

In 1982, German Pool (Hong Kong) Limited was officially founded in Hong Kong. German Pool introduced its first generation of storage water heaters in collaboration with German companies. Since then German Pool has expanded and offered a variety of staple household appliances Professional High Speed Food Processor, Halogen Cooking Pot, Sous Vide Pro, Multi-Capsule Coffee Maker, and lastly The Sparkle Collection in collaboration with Swarovski elevated custom cabinets to a new level.

In recent years German Pool has actively developed export and import trade routes. It has strengthened networks for shipping and retailing. Online sales platforms such as Tmall, JD, and Amazon are also emphasized to encourage worldwide trade through e-commerce.