4 Core Technologies

Digital Control Box

3D Arc-shaped
Ultra Heating Coil

Waterproof Technology

Heat Sink
Crafted in One Piece

Revolutionary Digital Control Box

Be Free from Interruptions with this Replaceable Digital Control Box

The core of the cooker, the digital control box empowers the equipment to precisely control temperature levels and time, recognize cookware and stabilize power output.

Replaceable Control Box

When problems occur, the maintenance personnel can simply retrieve the control box from the equipment and replace it. There is no need for troublesome transportation of the machine from your kitchen to the factory. The impact on operations in case of a malfunction is therefore minimized.

Enhanced Cooling Capabilities

The core part of the control box is perfectly protected from heat and fumes, as all heat and fumes are directly absorbed by the heat sink installed below the control box during operation.

German made IGBT

German Pool Professional Series’ digital control boxes are equipped with high quality IGBTs (Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistor) made in Germany, which enable the system to cope effectively with high voltage and current.

3D Arc-shaped Ultra Heating Coil

Continuous Heating within a Range of 15cm

Conventional induction technology generates heat only when the cookware is in contact with the cooktop, rendering wok-tossing impossible.

3D Arc-shaped Ultra Heating Coil

The heating coil which utilizes a 3D Arc-shaped design expands the heating coverage and allows for more even heat distribution.

Advanced Cookware Detection

With this advanced cookware detection technology, heating is non-stop as long as the cookware is within 15cm from the cooktop.

Heat Sink Crafted in One Piece

Special Multi-Tunnel Design that Maximizes Cooling Performance

Cooling of the cooking equipment concerns many commercial kitchens. When operating, high heat is generated and that threatens the durability of the machine, causing frequent malfunctions after a certain period of time, hampering daily operations of the restaurant.

Quality Heat Sink Crafted in One Piece

Professional Series cookers come with one-piece aluminum heat sinks installed at the bottom of the digital control box, effectively absorbing unwanted heat before releasing it.

Special Multi-Tunnel Design

The heat sink is crafted with multiple tunnels which significantly expedite heat release.

Advanced Waterproof Technology

Waterproof Technology for Ultra Durability

In a kitchen, it is unavoidable that from time to time water gets splashed to the cookers, and this is particularly common for Chinese-style kitchens, as water is very much needed for traditional stir-fried dishes. Water leaking into the cooker may cause malfunctions and hamper operations.

Advanced Waterproof Technology

Waterproof Sliding Switch

Commercial Induction Kitchen Series

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Commercial Induction Kitchen Series

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