Separation of the Heating Coil and the Boiling Oil/Water

Opt for Professional Series to save up to 60% of energy cost

Unlike gas cooktops in which the energy is converted to heat then directed to the pan or pot, induction cooking directly supplies the energy to the cooking vessel through the magnetic field, minimizing heat loss. To achieve the same level of power output, induction cookers require much less power input than its gas counterparts, hence cutting energy cost by up to 60%.

Energy Efficiency

Induction cooking allows most of the heat generated to be used for heating, hence very little heat loss.

Heating Speed

Induction cookers heat food faster than electric cookers. Unlike electric cooktops which first heat the heating elements before transferring the heat to the cookware

Precise Temperature Control

Induction cooking, combined with advanced temperature precision control, actively detects the temperature of the cookware.


Uses energy efficiently and significantly cuts down energy bills.

Less Fumes

Electric heating relies on the heating elements. When heating is in progress fumes will occur. Induction cooking produces much less fumes.

Comfortable Temperature

When using induction cookers, heat is generated from within the cookware, instead of the hob surface, so very little energy is wasted into the kitchen’s atmosphere.


Induction cooking is known for being a safe alternative to conventional cooking. When using induction cookers the cookers themselves do not bear much heat compared with electric cookers.

Commercial Induction Kitchen Series

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Commercial Induction Kitchen Series

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