Separation of the Heating Coil and the Boiling Oil/Water

V-type Tank Design - Even Heat Distribution, Durable and Lengthened Frying Oil Life.

Induction coils are completely separated from the boiling oil/water

German Pool’s Professional Series’ induction fryers and noodle cookers / fryers use induction coils that are completely separated from the boiling oil/water. This makes the equipment more durable and safe while lengthening the life of frying oil. Also, heat is transferred from the bottom to the top evenly, covering the whole tank, delivering consistent and tasty results.

Heating elements immersed in the oil

Both electric fryers and electric noodle boilers use heating elements immersed in the oil, which leads to uneven heat distribution and quick wearing out of the heating elements. At the same time, the frying oil used darkens quickly and needs frequent replacement.

V-type tank design

V-type tank design with special oil guiding board causes oil to flip, avoiding sticking of foods while expanding oil life.

High Heating Speed
Accurate Temperature

Commercial Induction Kitchen Series

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Commercial Induction Kitchen Series

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