Steam, Bake, Grill, Boil and Many More with Our New Oven

2020-08-14 New Share

With the raging pandemic, no matter if you are in home quarantine or just ‘Staycation at Home’, cooking is a big deal these days. Eating the same dishes everyday can make dinner a chore rather than a joy. If you want to make cooking and eating fun again, it’s time to upgrade your kitchen!

The all new German Pool Multifunctional Steam & Grill Oven (SGV-2623) is loads of fun cooking ideas compacted into a small frame! This free-standing electric steam oven is only slightly bigger than a toaster oven, yet has an astonishing 26L capacity, easily fitting in a whole roast chicken with room to spare! Designed specifically for tiny kitchens, it features steaming, grilling and convection functions, and comes with 59 preset recipes to choose from. Now you can cook a feast by simply pressing a few buttons. Just sit back, relax and let this steam oven serve you a scrumptious 5-course dinner in no time. Even Michelin French chef says “c’est magnifique!”

Perfect Fit for HK Tiny Kitchens

This compact German Pool Multifunctional Steam & Grill Oven (SGV-2623) is designed with HK tiny kitchens in mind. Its matte black, handsome free-standing design doesn’t take up much space on your kitchen counter, letting you fully utilize every precious inch of your kitchen.

This steam oven is compact yet packs a powerful punch; its 26L capacity lets you place whole fish and chicken, or even turkeys when it comes to festive moments! The three baking tray slots allow flexibility in placing food of different amounts and sizes, and let you cook numerous dishes simultaneously, saving cooking time and energy!

10-in-1: When the Tiniest Kitchenette Becomes a Michelin Kitchen

This all new German Pool Multifunctional Steam & Grill Oven (SGV-2623) is small yet mighty! It has 10 functions packed in one small frame - steam, high steam, low steam, convection, steam grill, grill, stew, ferment, defrost, preheat, letting you cook all kinds of delicious dishes from seafood to cakes and desserts with the simple push of a button.

With 59 preset recipes to choose from, including steak, foil-wrapped grilled fish, steamed abalones, bread, yoghurt, Chinese sweet soups, honey BBQ ribs, lemon sole, etc., you can make Michelin-star cuisines with a simple press of a button. Come to think about it, you won’t have to repeat dishes for 2 entire months!

3D Heat Circulation Convection for the Perfect Bakes

The upgraded German Pool Free Standing Multifunctional Steam and Grill Oven (SGV-2623) comes with a hot wind convection system that evenly distributes heat to every corner inside the oven during grilling and baking, ensuring perfect results every time, making the food crispy on the outside but tender inside!

When cooking with the heat-circulation convection function, chicken is grilled to perfection with a crispy skin but retains all the plump juiciness inside; and when baking, the bread or cake comes out delightfully spongy and moist.

30℃-230℃ Ultra-wide Temperature Range For Precise Heat Control

With high-precision digital heat control and a wide range of cooking temperature, this steam oven can cook any type of food at its most suitable temperature.

110℃ High-heat Steaming: Preserves water content of the food to lock in the nutrients, while expelling excessive fat, plus the oven comes with a 900 ml water tank that can supply enough water for up to 1 hour continuous steaming.
230℃ High-heat Baking: Heat the food thoroughly from all angles, baking it to a crispy perfection.