Cook Out of the Box

An Evolution of Traditional Cooking

Cooking Out of the Box

Instant Maximum Power Level

Built-In / Free-Standing 2-in-1

The potent power is comparable to traditional gas cookers. The exceptional cooling efficiency makes the induction cooker suitable for both built-in and free standing installation. Made of SCHOTT CERAN® or EuroKera glass, the control panel is highly durable.

All-Zone / Hybrid
2,800 W
Induction/Ceramic Hybrid
German Ceramic Glass
5,400 W
Induction/Ceramic Hybrid
German Ceramic Glass
2,800 W
German Ceramic Glass


Ideal for homes where built-in installation is not preferred. Flexible and movable, the free standing induction cookers can achieve easy plug-and-cook operations.

2,800 W
German Ceramic Glass
German Pool Infrared Ceramic Cooker Series

Bringing You to the New Age of Flameless Cooking

Compatible with Different Types of Cookware

The ceramic cooker works with all types of pots and pans regardless of what materials they are made of. Select different types of cookware according to the dishes you are making to optimize the cooking result!

Safe & Eco-Friendly

Flameless cooking reduces the risk of burns and fire hazards. Electric power is automatically cut off when content in the pot is all evaporated. Pollution caused by gas leakage and exhaust gas can also be avoided, making home-cooking safe and environmentally friendly.

Eat Healthier

Heating up the base of the cookware evenly, the Ceramic Cooker transfers heat instantly into the food. Not only does the fast cooking keep the food fresh and nutritious, it also reduces the use of oil, making the food healthier.

A Clean & Hygienic Home

Since the Ceramic Cooker only produces a small amount of fume during the cooking process, your kitchen walls are less likely to catch grease. Made with durable, heat-resistant material, the Cooker’s surface is sleek and easy-to-clean.

Easy Power Control

The electronic control panel ensures the accuracy of power and time adjustment. The easy power control allows you to create any Asian and western dishes with no obstacle.

A Dry & Comfy Kitchen

With the heat directly penetrating the cookware, the Ceramic Cooker does not spread heat around like traditional gas cookers. As the kitchen temperature does not increase during cooking, the environment becomes a lot comfier.

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