Highly Efficient
Inverter Motor

Highly Efficient
Inverter Motor

Intelligent, durable and quiet, the inverter motor allows for effective and efficient laundry care.

1400 RPM
Ultra High Speed Spin

1400 RPM
Ultra High Speed Spin

The drum is operated at a maximum speed of 1400 rpm during spin, which produces a powerful vortex and centrifugal force to thoroughly extract moisture from your clothes at the end of the wash cycle. This enables the washed clothes to be much drier and thus reducing additional drying time in a tumble dryer or by hanging outside.

16 Automatic Laundry Programmes

With automatic programmes, optimum temperature, speed, pressure and time are preset for different types of clothes. This provides effective use of energy and great cares for your clothes.

Cotton Intensive
Cotton 60℃
Cotton 40℃
Cotton 20℃
Quick: 15 mins
Eco Wash
Rinse & Spin
Mixed Fabrics
Baby Care
My Cycle
Personalized Laundry Program

"My Cycle" is a feature that saves your personalized laundry program. It eliminates the need to select a program each time, saving time and makes your life easy.

7kg Load Capacity

7kg capacity allows you to wash large items such as quilts or bed covers. You can also combine the clothes of the entire family for one big load, saving time and energy.

Gentle on Your Clothes

The triple water jet design creates a three-dimensional water flow. Powerful enough to remove stubborn stains but gentle as if washing by hand. This would prevent snags and tangling; reduce pilling, stretching and color fading, so your clothes will look new and remain soft.

Special Design

Vortex Effect

The laundry drum rotates in a perfect rhythm creating a whirlpool of water, allowing laundry to be continuously showered with water from all sides in 360 degree angle, so it will be super clean.

Water Injection

The honeycomb water injection openings effectively drive water into a circular motion, which allows the detergent solution to be easily dissolved into clothes for effective laundry care.


A filter helps to prevent your pipes and septic system from getting clogged with debris from the washer. It also helps to prevent odor forming and mold growing, keeping the machine and the laundry drum clean and hygienic.

User Friendly Features

Front Loader Washing Machine

Installation Diagram

The top of this model is removable.   Installation Diagram (Top Removed)

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