Super slim design

Designed for Hong Kong Families

Unlike the traditional bulky gas water heater, the innovative slim body design is not only aesthetically appealing but space-efficient. Tailor-made for Hong Kong bathrooms.

A LPG version is also available, » more information:

For User Convenience

One Touch Comfort / Eco / Kitchen Modes

Comfort Mode
Water outlet temperature sensor detects ambient temperature and auto set the outlet water temperature for maximum user comfort.
Eco Mode
Water temperature is automatically set to 38°C for optimum energy.
Kitchen Mode
Outlet water temperature is set at 40°C, users can adjust it to 35°C - 45°C, which helps remove oil and stains when washing dishes.

Touch Screen Control Panel

Temperature-modulated control with touch-screen control keys and digital display.

Easy to Install & Aesthetically Pleasing

German Pool GPS313

Compatible with Hong Kong bathrooms. Easy to install and aesthetically pleasing.

Other Gas Water Heaters

Wire clutter makes installation complicated.




Functions & Features

WiFi Connection



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Why is the water heater displaying the error code E1?
Filthy inside/ pin igniter is filthy/ flue duct is clogged.
Shall I go for top flue or back flue type gas water heaters?
If your bathroom comes with a purposely created hole on the wall for water heater installation, go for the back flue type. If not, go for the top flue type.
How wide is the pipe of flue duct?
4 inch.
How long is the cable of the corded remote control?