45 Centimeters of Kitchen Philosophy

Breaking the limitations of built-in home appliances, this 45 centimeter space saver was especially created for modestly sized kitchens. Combining multiple functions maximizing the utility of even the smallest spaces. Professional performance brought into the home, with the added care and attention to detail.

360° Complete Heat Circulation

Upper and lower heating allows heat to evenly distribute throughout the interior corners of the oven. Waves of circulated heat that seals in the juices for enhanced flavors.

Heat Penetration
Heat evenly penetrates foods resulting in crispy outer layer with tender juicy interior.
Heat Convection
Heated convection current for rapid heat distribution.
Heat Conduction
Grill rack and food pan directly transmit heat to food with even distribution from top to bottom.
The heat energy emitted by the infrared rays can directly penetrate food for speedy cooking.

8 Heat Settings, 50-250°C Precision Control

Precision smart control combined with 8 heat settings, equipped with a wide temperature range. Heating to desired effects for results that speak for itself.

Thanks to high speed fan, this function allows all frozen foods to be rapidly thawed. Unlock the taste of salmon that was frozen in a block of ice.
Heat is simultaneously released from the top and bottom. Suitable for cooking pork chop with rice. This function will help to give perfectly cooked rice and crisp top to pork chop.
Hot air heated by the bottom and top elements is evenly distributed throughout the oven rapidly by means of the fan. Food is cooked evenly all around. Suitable for baking crispy pizza.
The heat from bottom to top penetrates deep in the food, minimizing the loss of moisture. Meats like spare ribs can be preserved the original flavor without overcooking.
A rear fan produces good circulation. Desserts like crème brûlée are heated evenly on different levels without losing texture during high baking temperature
Large grill at the ceiling allows a higher temperature at the top of the cooking area, which causes more intense browning of the dish. Suitable for roasting pork with bubbled skin.
Hot air heated by full grill is distributed very fast in the oven by means of the fan. Suitable for grilling large amount of meat, e.g. a whole chicken.
It is a perfect all-in-one combination cooking. For braising beef brisket, circulation produced by fan can prevent moisture loss during high temperature cooking.

55 Litres Extra Large Capacity

Compact Space Saver, German Pool’s 450 Oven Slim Series boasts unprecedented extra large chamber; roasting capacity up to 55 litres. Easily preparing food for an entire party.

Flexible Compartment Sizes

Oven can be separated into compartments for cooking multiple things at once or transformed into one large chamber. Flexible options to suit preferences for any time and any occasion.

Wisdom in Small Kitchen

Every single piece from Slim Line Collection is awesome! It perfectly works well with each other, maximizing productivity as well as offering a complete culinary experience. Learn more about Slim Line that will inspire you to build your own kitchen. LEARN MORE

Installation Diagram

Blends in perfectly with your chic kitchen. Space-saving and aesthetically appealing.



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Rosemary Roasted Turkey
French Snails
Puff Pastry Rolls