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In the lastest season of TVB popular show “Good Cheap Eats”, Maria Cordero continues to demonstrate her cooking talent with the help of high quality appliances from German Pool. With latest lineup of our products, the household icon can cook hundreds of different dishes with ease, not to mention the machines are operated through a few simple buttons.

6 Nozzles, Endless Possibilities

Small Cylindrical Nozzle

Cantonese Thin Egg Noodles, Chinese "Long Xu" Noodles, Angel Hair, and more

Cylindrical Nozzle

Japanese Ramen, Cantonese Thick Yellow Noodles, Spaghetti and more

Flat Thin Nozzle

Shanghainese Flat Noodles, Udon, and more

Flat Broad Nozzle

Chinese "Dao Xiao Mien", Fettuccini, and more

Zigzag Nozzle

Cookies, Oriental and Western Pastries, and more

Hollow Nozzle

Macaroni, Penne, and more

2-in-1 Design Straight from Dough to Bowl

The 2-in-1 knead-and-extrude design allows noodles and dough to be made separately. One dough, many loaves.

Make French Loaf
Make Chinese Bun
Make Cookie
Make Walnut Cookie

Three Steps of Noodle Making

Add flour, water, egg, and other ingredients.

Press 'Knead'. The Noodle Maker mixes the flour to knead an even dough.

Press 'Extrude'. The Rod feeds the dough through the nozzle to create untangled noodles.

Easy Operation Ideal for Parent-child Cooking

Transparent kneading chamber lets you and your children monitor the process. You can also create unique noodles with different ingredients. Turn noodle making into a family activity by sharing it with your kids.

360° Hand Kneading Technique

360° Hand Kneading Techniques

Innovative kneading blade uses a powerful 360°Hand kneading techniques to knead an even and al dente dough.

Chewy Texture

Patented Extrusion Rod

Patented Extrusion Rod

Patented Extrusion Rod reduces dough wastage by pushing through the entire dough.

Even & Bouncy

Patented Downward Extrusion

Patented Downward Extrusion

Patented Downward Extrusion mechanism prevents strands from sticking together.

Fresh & Smooth Taste

Built-in Fan

Built-in Fan

A pioneering feature, the built-in fan dries noodles as they are being extruded.

No Sticky Noodle

Thoughtful Design with Flawless Details

User-Friendly Control Panel

The newly designed control panel offers straightforward and convenient operation. It just takes a few easy steps to make any delicacies imaginable.

Safety Bracket

The Safety Bracket has to be securely fastened to the Top Cover before operation.

Full Set of Accessories

Automatic Dough and Noodle Maker comes with two measuring cups, a cutter, a spanner, a brush, and six nozzles to maximize your noodle making fun.
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What is the proportion of water and flour while making noodles with Noodle Maker?
The best proportion of making noodle dough is 200g of bread flour:110g of liquid. The liquid can be a mixture of water, egg, vegetable juice and a small amount of oil. The noodles will be al dente with this proportion.
Why I can't put both dry and damp ingredients into the Kneading Chamber of the Noodle Maker at the same time?
Mixing dry ingredients (e.g, flour & salt) in the Mixing Chamber first is to distribute the salt evenly. Add damp wet ingredients while mixing can make the dough smooth and lump-free.
Noodles made by the Noodle Maker are too hard to chew. Is there any solution?
Try not to extrude immediately after the kneading process is completed. Let the dough rest inside the Kneading Chamber for about 20 minutes. Extrude the noodles after that. The noodles will become smooth and al dente instead of hard to chew.
Do I need to add baking powder when using Noodle Maker to knead dough or make noodles?
The kneading cycle of the Noodle Maker is carefully designed and can create dough with very high tenacity even if baking powder is absent.
How does the Automatic Dough and Noodle Maker prevent the extruded noodles from tangling and sticking together?
The Noodle Maker features a patented downward extrusion mechanism and a built-in fan. They ensure the extruded noodles are untangled and free from the hassle of further air-drying.
Can I add other ingredients, like meat, to make noodles?
Noodle Maker can make noodles or pasta but not ground meat. Addition ingredients can be in powder, liquid or paste/purée form, for example water, sauce or vegetable purée, etc.
How to clean the Noodle Maker after use?
Apart from the Main Unit, other transparent or removable parts, for example, the Kneading Blade, Kneading Chamber, Extrusion Box, Slat and Top Cover etc. can all be cleaned with water. Caution: As flour will become sticky and hard to wipe off after washing, brush away the remaining flour and dough with the Cleaning Brush before washing.
Can noodles serve instantly after extrusion?
Yes. Right after the noodles are extruded, you can simply cook it in boiling water or stock. Different noodles requires a different cooking time.
What kinds of noodles or pasta can be made by this Noodle Maker?
The Noodle Maker comes with six different nozzles which can create noodles and pastas of a variety of shapes. Using just one machine, you can make all types of noodles such as Spaghetti, Angel Hair, Udon, Flat Noodles, Shrimp Roe Noodles etc. And it can knead unlimited types of dough so you can make your own Chinese buns, pizzas, cookies etc.
Can I make dumpling wrapper with the Noodle Maker?
Please press the "knead" button. Once done, remove the dough from the kneading chamber.

Selected Recipes

Beet Root Spaghetti
Braised Abalone Noodles
Longevity Noodles
Homemade Penne Bolognese
Grilled Scallops with High-Fiber Spaghetti
Pasta with Cheese and Lobster
Cold Noodles with Assorted Vegetables
Pork Knuckle Stew over Egg Noodles
Pork Ramen
Fettuccine with Lobster & Tomatoes
Stir-Fried Homemade Noodles with Ham
Bamboo Charcoal Noodles
Shrimp Roe Noodles