Special Turbo Fan

The special turbo fan expedites heating and enlarges the effective area, warming every corner of your home.

4 Heating Levels: 800/1200/2000/2400W

4 Heating Levels are available. Powered by 9 heating fins, the heater is capable of distributing heat evenly to a large area.

Efficient Heating

2400 W

9 Heating Fins with Turbo Fan

The 2000W heater, 400W turbo fan and 9 heating fins contribute to the appliance’s ability to increase room temperature in a short period of time and cover a large area.

Handy features

24-hour Preset Timer

Preset heater start time so you can enjoy instant warmth in the morning just as you get up. You may also preset the heater turn-off time.

360 Castors

Equipped with 4 castors and a handle which give great mobility to the heater. Move it around your living room, bedroom and office with absolute ease.

Cord Storage

Cord storage available for neat storing of the power cord.

Multiple Safety Functions

1 Tip-over Safety Switch

Power cuts off automatically in case the heater tips over

2 Overheat Protection

Heater stops automatically when the detected temperature is too high

3 Safety Switch

Comes with an independent safety switch further enhancing safety

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More Details


Do I have to refill/add the oil in the Oil-filled Heater?
No, the oil never gets used up.
If I suspect that there is an oil leakage, how do I remove the oil compartment for checking or repair?
You are not allowed to open the oil container yourself for repair.
Can this heater be used in bathroom?
No, it cannot be used in bathroom.
Why does the heater go on and off?
The appliance is designed with an anti-tipover switch. When the appliance is tilted, the base deviates from ground or is placed on an uneven surface, the switch will pop out and cut off electricity connection for safety. To bring it back to operation, place the appliance on a flat surface and push the switch back to its original position