Create Michelin-Star Steaks At Home

Tender, Juicy & Caramelized To Perfection

German Pool Multifunctional Steak Grill with high precision time and temperature control lets you easily create Michelin-star thick and juicy medium rare steaks with charred diamond shape grill marks in the comfort of your home.

Precise & Consistent Heating

Cooks Steak Exactly To Your Liking

Grill Mode is designed specifically for cooking steaks; 4 power levels Low/Medium/High/Max are preset to correspond with different levels of doneness*, simply press one button and your steak will be cooked to your exact liking.

* The result may vary depending on factors such as the thickness of the food and the degree of thawing.

1,750 W with 3D Heating

For Powerful & Fast Cooking

1,750 W high power together with upper and lower heating elements, extra thick pan material and insulating design create a dynamic cooking cavity that significantly enhances heat conduction and heat convection. Heat is evenly distributed to every corner of the cavity, browning the steak’s surface quickly while sealing in juice and flavor, cooking food to perfection faster than using an open flame grill.

Perfect Grill Marks

Add Visual Sensation To Your Steak

Grill pan with ridges let you easily sear single-line or crosshatch diamond grill marks on your steak, creating a professional steakhouse look to your home-cooked steak. The ridged grill pan also drips away excess oil so you can enjoy all the taste without the grease.

10-in-1 Multifunctional Design

Your Versatile Kitchen Cooker

Aside from Grill Mode that can create Michelin-star juicy steaks, German Pool Multifunctional Steak Grill has 9 other functions including Roast, Broil, BBQ, Defrost, Air Fry, Bake, Steam, Stew and Combi Steam-Grill. When the Grill is used together with different complimentary accessories, even kitchen newbies can cook like a professional chef!


Grills food with both upper & lower heating elements, locking in moisture of food


Suitable for pan-fry or barbecue food, great for BBQ party at home

Air Fry

Uses food’s own fat to air fry the food without adding extra oil, healthy and low-fat


Lower heating element boils water to cook food with hot steam


Slow roasts at low heat, suitable for thick cuts of meat or food with sauce


Suitable for salt-baked food like salt-baked chicken, fish, conch, etc.


Suitable for beef briskets and dishes that require low heat slow braising


Food is first steamed then grilled, locking in food moisture and flavors


Dual heating elements grill-bake, suitable for baking bread, cake and pastry


Defrosts frozen food quickly, faster and safer than defrosting in room temperature

Party Favorite

Home BBQ Grill

Whether the hood is opened or detached, Multifunctional Steak Grill can be used as a BBQ grill; closing the hood keeps your food hot, perfect for buffet-style home parties.

3 Ways To Use

German Pool Multifunctional Steak Grill can be used in 3 ways – with Closed Hood, Open Hood and Detached Hood; simply by attaching or detaching the hood, this little steak grill can be transformed into a steamer, broiler, stew pot and even a mini oven.

Compact Stylish Design

Perfect For The Modern Kitchen

German Pool Multifunctional Steak Grill is more compact and space-saving than conventional ovens, yet its cavity can house a whole chicken or fish! Its multifunctional design can replace an oven, air fryer, steamer and other cooking appliances, saving you precious kitchen counterspace.

Thoughtful Design

24-Hr Keep Warm

Simply set keep warm time from 1-24 hours to keep your food piping hot till dinner time.

Non-Stick Grill Pan

Makes for easy cleaning, no scraping or soaking needed; simply rinse with water or wipe with kitchen paper.

Wide Temperature Range

60°C-250°C electronic precision temperature control that caters for different cooking needs.

Buttons & Turn Knob Control

Elegant control panel and large digital display is easy to use and read.

Detachable Hood Design

Detachable hood makes for easy cleaning and convenient storage.

Independent Grill Pan

Grill Pan is detachable for thorough cleaning. No more hidden grime in corners or crevices!


Fry Basket

Steam Rack

Grill Pan Lid

Multifunctional Steak Grill Video



Functions & Features

WiFi Connection



More Details


What can be cooked with Multifunctional Steak Grill?
Roasted pork ribs in sauce, salt-baked chicken, skewers, pancakes, steaks, roast meat, air fried snacks, bread, cake, steamed fish, meat stew, and etc.
How should I clean the Air Fry Hood of the Multifunctional Steak Grill?
Wipe away residue fat or food debris on the inside of the Air Fry Hood using kitchen paper towels. Fill Grill Pan with water and start Air Fry Mode for cleaning with steam.
How should I clean the Grill Pan and other accessories of the Multifunctional Steak Grill?
The Grill Pan and Fry Basket are protected by non-stick coating. Let cool after use and wash with water and mild detergent. When rinsing the Grill Pan, make sure the bottom of the pan is not wetted.
What steps should I follow when steam grilling food using the Multifunctional Steak Grill?
Food will be first steamed then grilled when Steam Grill Mode is selected. Add water before steaming and use the Grill Pan Lid. After steaming, remove water in Grill Pan and change back to using the Air Fry Hood.
What preparation is needed for steaming food using the Multifunctional Steak Grill?
First, fill Grill Pan with water and put the Steam Rack in place. Remove the Air Fry Hood and use the Grill Pan Lid instead. Press Steam Button. After “ADD FOOD”sign appears on the monitor, place food into the unit and start timing.
What does the Multifunctional Steak Grill turn off suddenly?
If no food is placed into the Grill within 15 min after preheating is completed, the Grill will turn off automatically.