Only 480mm in Width

Specially designed for chic compact homes.

93L Total Capacity

Sufficient space to store multiple items, serving your different needs.

Adjustable Glass Shelf
Useful Vegetable Drawer

Adjust the shelf and store items of various shapes and sizes with ease and flexibility. Vegetable drawer is made of transparent material, so that everything is easy to find and reach. You can even detach it to free up more space.

Chic Brushed Metal Design

Contemporary brushed metal finish adds a stylish look to your home.

Eco-friendly - Grade 1 Energy Efficiency Label

Contributing to the environment while saving electricity costs.

User-Friendly Features

Rotatory Switch

to adjust fridge temperature levels based on your needs

Flexible Shelf

can be placed on the upper or lower level

Vegetable Drawer

to be installed or removed at your will

Lighting System

bright and energy efficient


The space-saving design perfectly integrates the refrigerator with your kitchen cabinet.



Functions & Features

WiFi Connection



More Details


How can I change the side on which my refrigerator door opens?
At the time you place the order, you can request to change the side on which the refrigerator door opens upon purchase. Alteration requested upon delivery could incur additional charges. For details, please inquire your retailer.
Can I replace the light bulb inside the fridge by myself?
Yes. Disconnect the appliance from the main electricity supply beforehand. Remove the light bulb cover and replace with a light bulb of the same rating, then put back the cover.
How often shall I clean the condenser?
The condenser should be cleaned at least once every two years to prevent dust from reducing its performance. Clean with a domestic vacuum cleaner or a brush.
The refrigerator is very noisy during operation. How should I fix it?
Check if the refrigerator is in contact with other furniture or objects. Also, check whether the pipes at the back are in contact with other objects. Make sure the refrigerator is level.
Why is the temperature inside the refrigerator not low enough?
Check if the doors are closed properly and whether the temperature settings are correct. Dust accumulated on the condenser may also affect its performance. Do not install the refrigerator near a heat source, or else the temperature inside may be affected.
How to clean the internal plastic parts and door gaskets of the refrigerator?
Clean with a warm solution of bicarbonate of soda (two spoonfuls in two litres of water). Do not use abrasives or detergents of any kind.