Perfect for Making Sorbets, Smoothies & Pure Fruit Juice!

Cold Press Juicer completely separates fruit juice from the pulp. Pure fruit juice and fibres are obtained respectively. With different accessories, pure vegetable juice, smoothies and sorbets can be made.

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Weekend Weekly Recommended

The German Pool Cold Press Juicer is recommended by Weekend Weekly. Reporters of the magazine test the appliance out and create a fast and natural sorbet recipe!

Flexible Moisture Control

Adjust the level of moisture according to personal preference, cooking purpose and the characteristics of food. Create different dishes with pulp of different moisture level!

*Made with the Smoothies Strainer (optional)

Mimicking traditional millstones, the Cold Press Juicer obtains fruit juice with its fruit strainer as well as the squeezing screw (auger) that rotates 38 times per minute. With no heat produced and little air mixed in, oxidation is hindered, hence preserving nutrients in the juice.

Contrast Between Centrifugal & Cold Press Juicer

The innovative cold press technology effectively delays oxidation, preserving the original flavour and vivid colour of fruit juice. Abundant nutrients are also retained.
German Pool Cold Press Juicer

Vivid Colour & Even Texture

Centrifugal Juicers

Dull Colour & Uneven Texture

The Reverse Function

Select “REV” on the power button to allow the machine to operate in a reverse direction. Squeeze repeatedly to extract the most juice.

Easy to Set Up

No clips are involved in assembling the fruit strainer and auger, making the juicer easy to clean and store.

Smoothie Strainer (Optional)

The smoothie strainer creates the finest smoothies.

User-Friendly Features

Ultra-Silent DC Motor

The powerful motor squeezes out the most juice while producing minimal noise.

FDA Approved Materials

Made with FDA (USA) approved materials. No harmful substances will be released.

Safety Device

The safety switch only activates to allow the juicer to operate when the appliance is secure, ensuring operation safety.

Regulating Valve

Adjust the regulating valve to control the moisture level of pulp.

Clean the Cold Press Juicer in 3 Simple Steps

1. Remove the chamber
2. Disassemble
3. Rinse components & clean with the brush
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Functions & Features

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The Cold Press Juicer stops suddenly during normal operation. Why?
The size and amount of ingredients put in may be too large. Unplug and disassemble the appliance. Rinse the accessories and re-start the operation. If the problem remains unsolved, please contact the Repairs & Customer Service Centre.
Juice is leaking out from the top of the main body of the Cold Press Juicer. Why?
Too many ingredients may have been fed in. When too many ingredients have been put in at a time, the appliance may fail to discharge the pulp quickly. The pulp inside the chamber may push the rubber blanket out, making the juice leak from the gaps. If a large amount of juice is to be made, put in the ingredients separately in a few times.
Do I have to add water when juicing with the Cold Press Juicer?
No. The Cold Press Juicer mimics the motion of a millstone and is able to extract 100% pure fruit juice. No water has to be added.
The Cold Press Juicer fails to start. What should I do?
Please check if the power cord is securely plugged and whether the hopper is clamped securely. When the hopper is not installed correctly, the unit will not start. Please also make sure the chamber is properly installed onto the main body. When the chamber is unevenly placed, the safety device will not allow the unit to start. Lastly, make sure all the accessories are installed correctly. Please make sure that the regulator valve is off before stalling. For detailed installation instructions, please see the user manual.
What are the features of the 4-ringed squeezing screw of the Cold Press Juicer?
The millstone-like, 4-ringed squeezing screw rotates to acquire the most amount of juice. With no heat produced and little air mixed in during the juicing, oxidation is hindered, hence nutrients in the juice can be preserved. The reverse function allows the machine to operate in a reverse direction, maximizing the amount of juice extracted.
After using the Cold Press Juicer for a while, fine cracks or scratches start to develop on the auger. Does that mean the appliance is faulty?
The fine cracks and scratches are marks developed during the operation process. It is a normal phenomenon and does not affect the usage.
The chamber of the Cold Press Juicer shakes during the juicing process. Is it normal?
The chamber may shake during operation as it is influenced by the motor's kinetic energy. It is a normal phenomenon. Also, shaking may occur due to the characteristics of ingredients. It is caused by the rotation of auger and is again a normal phenomenon. Compared to tender, moist ingredients, stiff ingredients will lead to more shaking.
The fruit strainer and smoothie strainer look very similar, how do I distinguish them?
There are many tiny holes on fruit strainer. In contrary to fruit strainer, the smoothie strainer has no holes on it.

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